Gaddafi’s “Support”

04 Apr

Dictators who won’t respect the majority will ….. (do any?)

All the appalling chaos and bloodshed in Ivory Coast is the fault of Gbagbo who did not go gracefully when he lost the election that the UN stated was free and fair and who is now whipping up his supporters into a frenzy of anti-sectarian hatred, much as happened in Rwanda.

There will be no peace in the world until it is rid of dictators who think they have the right to rule other people’s lives and who are the cause of immense misery, suffering and often premature and violent death to millions of people.

It is the moral duty of all free people to fight where possible to rid the world of this scum oppressing their fellow-humans. Anyone DEFENDING a dictatorship is as morally bankrupt as the dictatorship itself. Such people involved in and/or defending dictatorships have removed themselves from the mainstream of humanity and all that is best – or could be – about the Human Spirit.

Fundamentalist Islam is of course in the vanguard of this loss of humanity, supporting as it does the dictatorship of religion. That democracies themselves are not perfect is no reason to defend dictatorships.

“GADDAFI HAS MORE SUPPORT THAN WE THINK.” –  Really? Only a complete moron could spout such rubbish.

A) How do we know about Gaddafi”s “support”? Only a secret BALLOT BOX could tell us this. Dictators don’t do free and fair elections.

B) Much of his “support” is from foreign mercenaries used as I write to snipe to death ordinary civilians in Miseratu.

C) Most of his “supporters” were born and have grown up knowing NOTHING ELSE but his murderous regime, except that for those of course who received the money and favours it obviously seems “a good thing”.

D) Anyone showing anything BUT “support” in areas his men control risks torture and death. Hardly surprising such areas are quiescent. Where people HAVE dared to rise up, they have been mercilessly eliminated, and there are LOTS of towns even in WESTERN Libya where this has happened, as it still is happening in Miseratu.


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