Let them fight it out

31 Mar

Of course, in this business it is essential to know who to believe. One can start by working out whom NOT to believe or indeed listen to.

– First of course, is Chavez of Venezuela. As Sibyl Fawlty said: “I’ve seen headless chickens running round farmyards with more sense.”

– Second is anything whatsoever that Libyan “state” television says. At the very moment as a govt spokesman was announcing that a ceasefire was in place (without looking at the camera – is it a Muslim fascist thing? I’ve noticed that Gaddafi rarely looks the camera in the eye – in his latest rants he hasn’t even shown his face.) armour was advancing towards Benghazi in a stupid but murderous attempt to take the city before the “no-fly zone” came into operation. NINETY-FOUR people were killed during this incursion, which was repulsed. The injured included a young boy and his mother shot. The injured in all cities subject to Gaddafi’s indicriminate shelling are often disfigured, limbless for live – their lives totally destroyed.

Allah be praised for the French, whose planes destroyed these scum as they scurried out of the city back west.

And of course the Libyan “govt” is claiming that the Allies hit a hospital. Anyone who believes that has less sense than the aforementioned headless chickens.

– Third is the Russians who want us to “avoid indiscriminate action”. They of course are the experts on this, having honed the art in Chechnya. All their actions were extremely discriminate, though whether that made any difference to those killed by their soldiers is a moot point.

Of course, Russia is led by Putin formerly of the KGB of the USSR which certainly avoided “indiscriminate action” in Katyn Forest, where they machine-gunned TWENTY-THOUSAND Polish intellectuals, high-ranking military and so on. One can certainly admire the Russian’s stoic defence of “indiscriminate action”. They have a different philosophy; “If you’re going to kill someone, do it with discrimination.”

As for the action, what a pity that so few speak the truth. The murder and oppression of civilians will continue until Gaddafi is removed from power, most likely dead. This has always been true of tyrants. And the idea that this can de done without killing a lot of his people is stupid, just as the Nazis and Wehrmacht soldiers had to be defeated and in most cases killed before victory came.

Which reminds me of “letting them fight it out”. What a hilarious, morally-vacuumed nonsense! Can you pls tell me why my father had to flog his way across North Africa and then all the way from Normandy to Berlin when we could QUITE EASILY have let Hitler and Stalin “fight it out”?

We could easily have made a separate peace with Hitler – after all, the French did. He wasn’t interested in us. After all, we were mostly Aryians, weren’t we? He was only interested in Lebensraum and the extermination of the Jews and Slavs.

Come on – let’s hear it. Why DID we fight Hitler, killing HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of innocent Germans? Why did we put our men in danger, resulting in the deaths and maiming of MILLIONS on the Allied side? Why did Taffy Evans risk his life every day on convoys to bring aid to Russia?


TODAY’S FUNNY? Gaddafi complaining that “foreigners have no right to interfere in Libya” HA, BLOODY HA ….. and I supposed the massed mercenaries from black Africa are Libyans are they?

And again: “What right has America et al to interfere in Libyan affairs?” What a MORON. He clearly cannot see that he himself HAS NO RIGHT TO RULE, having NEVER BEEN ENDORSED by the people. More than that, he has systematically opressed and murdered “his” people for FOUR DECADES, quite apart from those OUTSIDE the country.

As for “Gaddafi has more support than we realize” (from the headless chicken brigade) let’s review this when Tripoli falls, shall we, where the mass of the population are terrified. And so would you be; in true despot fashion, Gaddafi’s diehards even shoot their “own” soldiers who refuse to kill civilians.

As for the action, Gaddafi’s, tanks have finally broken into Miseratu, which has heroically held out for weeks against overwhelming odds. No doubt the Gaddafi people will strap kids to their tanks to use as human shields – another fascist ploy. And a ship is supposed to be preventing aid reaching the people from the sea. I hope the insufferable Yanks sink the ship and supply the “rebels” with anti-tank weapons. That should bring home the message.

This won’t end till Gaddafi is dead, and the sooner the better. All this pissing about pretending otherwise is pathetic. It was true FORTY YEARS ago, and every year since, and it is still true. It was EXACTLY the same with Hitler as it ALWAYS is with dictators, unless they manage to flee at the last minute. Can we look forward to Chavez presenting Gaddafi as a “hero of the people” at a press conference. He is of course a clown already, but that will prove he is a headless-chicken brained one, too.

“Let them fight it out”! Christ, what an appalling moral sickness has seized some people’s brains.


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