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31 Mar

Jordan, Kuwait, the UAE etc?

If they are helping with logistics relating to the military action, then they are involved – they are part of the UN-backed Allied effort to save lives, which – as I have stated – can ultimately only be done by removing Gaddafi.

“David Cameron has confirmed that Kuwait and Jordan are to make logistic contributions to action in Libya.”

Turkey is apparently also providing a submarine, though not without a load of ludicrous belly-aching.

Anyone who sees this as an American anti-Muslim fight is a lunatic. Unfortuately, there are plenty of lunatics around, and not just overseas.

I was thinking about this good v evil guys thing and the assumption that those who today are “good” will tomorrow inevitably become “bad”. This is of course the usual rubbish peddled by the hysterical anti-US brigade. Still, one should try to find some sort of rational counter-argument, even if you know that reason will be totally ignored by the aforementioned.

  • China supported North Korea in the Korean war. When this stopped, the side that China supported had a surreally BAD government. The side that the insufferable Yanks supported eventually had a democratic government, after a few hiccups along the way.
  • In WWII, the side that the dreadful USSR supported had in EAST GERMANY a very BAD government, which shot any citizens trying to escape their government’s awfulness (Castro no doubt approved). The side that the insufferable Yanks supported had of course a very GOOD government, though it now seems to have forgotten the sacrifices that the free often have to make to liberate the oppressed.
  • The Yanks for better or worse liberated Iraq, which now has a democratic government. Expecting it to be better than it is is surreally-stupid given the trauma the country has been through. ( ALWAYS the case with dictators)

ERGO. Any country the US liberates will end up having if not a perfect government (which is?) then one which is FAR BETTER than the one it replaced.

Logically therefore (but logic is in short supply generally) ANY rebel movement should BEG for a ground invasion by the USA since the likely outcome is not only to WIN against a gruesome dictator but also to end up with FAR BETTER GOVERNMENT.

Oh, once a democratic government is in place and in no danger from extremely nasty people then the USA withdraws, and in the case of Iraq (withdrawal ongoing) with NO OIL CONTRACTS. Which reminds me, neither South Korea nor Germany has any oil, which rather negates the hysterical Chavezian/Mugabian/Chinese claptrap about oil that has grown so wearisome.

Unfortunately, since hysteria prevails, the marines cannot liberate Miseratu (which they could do in hours) whose people continue to die minute-by-minute.


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