National Interest

15 Mar

What an UTTERLY selfish point of view. OF COURSE “national interest” is important, but it is not the MOST important thing.

Ordinary people are dying AT THIS MINUTE in Libya after FORTY-TWO YEARS of brutal tyranny and the free world has done almost NOTHING to save these people against a KNOWN MASS-MURDERER.

The G8 have just threatened Gaddafi with “dire consequences”. What a FATUOUS LOAD OF BLATHER. About as surreal as Ban Ki-Moon saying TWO WEEKS AGO that the UN had taken “effective measures”.

These are our FELLOW-HUMANS being killed, bombed, tortured, blown up by a GANGSTER, and our “NATIONAL INTEREST” is all that matters? EVEN IF you are so morally bankrupt that this is true, then our NATIONAL INTEREST in the long-term CLEARLY lies in backing the Arab man in the street against the sordid bunch of fascist kleptomaniac family and monarchical thugs that currently rule most Middle-Eastern countries. IRAQ is of course an EXCEPTION, having been liberated by the Allies, but the stick they got for that is so great that we now hesitate to act.

“National Interest”? Why did we declare war on Hitler? We could have collaborated as France did. He didn’t want to fight us, only the Russians, but THOUSANDS OF US DIED TO HELP RUSSIA when we could have declared it our “national interest” to stay out of WWI, as did Switzerland, Spain and Vichy France. Our parents and Grandparents had a different idea of “national interest”. These are OUR BROTHERS BEING KILLED BY FASCISTS. I’m sorry, but your viewpoint is morally depraved.

“Why stop at Libya?” ANOTHER STUPID ARGUMENT. We cannot do EVERYTHING but we can do SOMETHING and at present we are doing NOTHING. Gaddafi is a tin-pot despot cretin with a pitiful army led by family members and cronies that could be smashed in two days, thus liberating the people after four decades of HELL. Yes, it could get messy afterwards (ALWAYS the way when you get rid of a dictator, since they deliberately destroy most normal state infrastructure) but then THEY CAN SORT IT OUT. The assets are in place NOW to stop Gaddafi with relative ease. The failure to do this is DISGUSTING. “Wait for the UN”? Excuse me. The UN voted Gaddafi onto its Human Rights Advisory Body. Two members of the SC are fascist states themselves.

Do you propose to wait and watch as Gaddafi smashes Benghazi and Tobruk to pieces, while the ordinary people try to defend themselves against modern weapons that WE supplied? And then watch as he strings people up from lampposts as he did the LAST TIME the Libyans tried to escape from this tyranny?

Gaddafi’s forces are removing journalists from cities which he is “cleansing the rats” from. Any guesses as to WHY he is doing this? Have you READ the reports of summary executions, kidnappings, amputations and torture of those who dared to rebel against him? These are all well-known TERROR tactics employed by all dictators, and Gaddafi has a CLEAR track-record of butchery of his enemies.

It is all frankly QUITE UNBELIEVABLE. I am ashamed of the free world. No, we can’t and shouldn’t intervene EVERYWHERE, but EACH CASE must be studied on its merits. The innocent PEOPLE of Libya have BEGGED us to help and we COULD help. Almost the WORST aspect of this is the HYPOCRISY. They talk about “effective measures” and “dire consequences”, but it is all a LIE.

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Posted by on March 15, 2011 in Core Thought, Morality, Politics


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