The Arab states “SHOULD” do something

12 Mar

Military force may be necessary against Gaddafi.
If so, the Arab states, rather than the West, should provide it.

I love this word “should”. Unfortunately, it is just about the most useless word in the English language. I must admit that “calls” comes close, as in: “The EU calls for Gaddafi to step down.”

As for “should”, most of the Arab states are fascist dictatorships of one kind or another. Secondly, since when do you remember dictators respecting “calls” for them to do ANYTHING?

As for the UN:

  • half its members are fascist dictatorships
  • Russia is a mafia state with little true democracy
  • China is a dictatorship, pure and simple
  • The UN elected Gaddafi as an ADVISOR ON HUMAN RIGHTS.

Where is the credibility there?

The fatuous unreality of most of the pronouncements on Libya are extraordinary. Do we hear ANY politicians talking the TRUTH? Gaddafi is a gangster. His “right” to rule Libya was acquired by FORCE ALONE. He has ZERO legitimacy.

WELL DONE FRANCE, for recognizing the freedom-fighters trying to overthrow this tyrant, but WHERE IS THE REST OF THE WORLD? Don’t wait for the Arab States – half of them are as bad as Gaddafi; their governments DO NOT REPRESENT THEIR PEOPLES.

Are we going to sit and watch as he smashes city after city on the way to Benghazi and then wreaks a terrible vengeance on those who dared to defy him? THAT IS WHAT DICTATORS DO. THEY RULE BY TERROR. If nothing is done, THOSE WHO DARED STAND UP TO HIM WILL SUFFER A HORRIBLE FATE.

And the “international community” supplied the weapons that are allowing him to do it.

And have we forgotten his DECADES of sowing terror, not only WITHIN Libya but in his help to nasty regimes all over sub-Saharan Africa, not to mention Lockerbie, the IRA arms supplies and all the rest of it?



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