Letter to my MEP

12 Mar

Good morning

I don’t know who to contact about this, but write to someone is all I can do. There are questions I cannot find an answer to:

  • Is the free world going to wait and do nothing while Gaddafi pulverises every city and population from land, sea and air in East Libya on his way to Benghazi and then wreaks a terrible vengeance on those who dared to oppose him?
  • Why are there these FATUOUS “calls” to him to “step down”? It is UNBELIEVABLE. Can you tell me of a dictator who has ever paid ANY attention to such “calls”? It is NONSENSE.
  • The UN said two weeks ago it was taking “effective measures” against him. THIS WAS A LIE.
  • This messing about freezing assets is a WASTE OF TIME. Gaddafi is STILL exporting oil and so money MEANS NOTHING to him. He also has BILLIONS stuffed away in Tripoli. The west is ALWAYS obsessed with money – but the ONLY thing that counts NOW is his military hardware.

The UN?

  • Why is the SLIGHTEST ATTENTION being paid to the UN? Half its members are fascist states; On the SC there is a mafia state (Russia) and a dictatorship which is as much in the Gaddafi mould as many others (China)
  • The UN elected Gaddafi as HUMAN RIGHTS ADVISOR.
  • Its “effective measures” are USELESS. They do NOTHING to prevent the destruction of a popular people’s uprising after 42 years of a loathsome dictatorship.

The Arab League? Let’s see what they say today,but most of them are fascist states, too. Their governments DO NOT REPRESENT their peoples.SOVEREIGNTY? Gaddafi is ONLY leader of Libya through his seizure of power. This conveys NO LEGITIMACY. You might as well say that WHOEVER can seize power and kill and terrorize the people can be recognized as leader.

So, HE IS ILLEGITIMATE. And IT CANNOT be ILLEGITIMATE (illegal) TO FIGHT AGAINST A CRIMINAL. Why then this PFAFFING ABOUT over whether any military action would be “legal”. It would SELF-EVIDENTLY be legal for the reasons mentioned above.

Apart from all that, he has committed massive crimes against humanity. Do you (by which I don’t mean “you” personally, but the government and establishment) think he cares a TOSS about these threats to pursue thim through the ICC? This is all WINDOW-DRESSING IRRELEVANCE to the ordinary people of Libya who are threatened with imminent death and misery NOT because they aren’t committed or courageous but because they are fighting with sticks, stones and a few old weapons against modern planes, tanks, artillery and helicopters  etc which the much-vaunted “international community” supplied.Why has only FRANCE recognized the people in Benghazi, who have suffered under this tyrant for FORTY-TWO years?I won’t mention the UTTER SHAME of the last government, which sucked up to Gaddafi for his money, even though he has a LONG HISTORY of terrorism, oppression  and murder. What happened to our values? Once we used to fight fascism; now we tolerate it, trade with it, support it, sell it arms and when the people at last rise up in spite of the terrible danger WE DO NOTHING CONCRETE TO HELP.No, we can’t do EVERYTHING but we can do SOMETHING, in degrees of escalation:

  • recognize the National Council in Benghazi as the legitimate government – they have MORE RIGHT to recognition than Gaddafi
  • supply it with anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles
  • stop Gaddafi bombarding cities from the Mediterranean
  • take out his three military airfields
  • cruise missile his headquarters and main military bases
  • destroy his tanks from the air

Of course, Europe can do LITTLE without the Yanks. How does THAT makes us feel then? Why do we ALWAYS have to rely on them?

Mr Rasmusson said:

“I cannot imagine that the world will stand by while Gaddafi attacks his own people.” BUT THAT IS WHAT WE ARE DOING. Rasmusson has NO IMAGINATION. WHY these fatuous references to the UN, which is peopled by illegitimate regimes? Are we going to ACCEPT Gaddafi winning and then go back to what things were before? Buy his oil? Supply him with weapons, while his regime becomes ever more appalling?

And IF he prevails, WHAT IS THE MESSAGE FOR THE REST OF THEM? “The worse we terrorise our people the better chances we have to stay in power and nobody will do anything concrete to stop us anyway.”

IT IS APPALLING. I know there are no easy solutions (though some of the military measures I have outlined are not THAT difficult to put into place) but destroying FASCIST MURDERERS is NEVER easy. Look what it took to defeat Hitler.

I am disgusted by the limp-wristed response to this Libyan uprising. Have we forgotten his FORTY-TWO years of terror? Not only in Libya, but all over sub-Saharan Africa, Yvonne Fletcher, the IRA arms, Lockerbie. The man is a gangster and terrorist. If he is not toppled, the results will be CATASTROPHIC for the Middle East and for our fellow-humans in Libya.

Who else can I write to about this?

Yours sincerely


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