Gangster Regimes

12 Mar

Gaddafi? Yvonne Fletcher? Lockerbie? Gaddafi’s support for evil regimes and groups all over sub-Saharan Africa? The supply of arms to the IRA? the torture and terror he has wreaked on “his” country for FORTY-TWO YEARS”?

The ordinary people of Libya are fighing against hopeless odds for their freedom. The response of the “intl community” has been pathetic and immoral. The UN talks about “effective measures”! UTTER TOSH. WHAT “effective measures”? The various bodies keep “calling” for him to step down. Do they REALLY think that “calls” will DO anything? It is all PLAY-ACTING.

What is happening is disgusting, especially because we could stop it overnight: bomb the military airfields, supply the freedom-fighters with arms; trake out Gaddafi’s tanks. Apparently, his most modern weapons are giant howiteers MADE IN ITALY.

No, we couldn’t do this in Burma, North Korea or Belarus, but we COULD in Libya. What RIGHT has Gaddafi to subjugate millions of people to terror for so long? His ONLY right is the FORCE he has used. He is a murdering gangster, and fighting a gangster CANNOT be illegal.

The free world has forgotten how to fight for the freedom of others. “NO MAN IS AN ISLAND”.

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Posted by on March 12, 2011 in Morality, Politics


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