Why won’t the world help us?

10 Mar

REBELS: “Why won’t the world help us?”

WE (assisted by our wonderful Human Rights courts, international lawyers and with the full backing of Russia (see KGB, Chechnya, murderous history of) and China (see: dictatorship, massacres etc)

“Sorry mate. As long as the oil keeps coming and we can keep selling you weapons, nothing much else matters, and as you have no tanks, artillery, helicopters or planes (or apparently friends) you’ve had it. You have a choice; either continue being slaves (or start a new career as a dead body) under Gaddafi – but in worse conditions – or get on a boat to Lampedusa.

Besides, if Gaddafi wins, the humungous scandal that would otherwise have broken out about our friendly relations with Gaddafi will not occur …… once the dust has settled we can go back to normal and the flame of freedom will have been snuffed out for another few decades.

Everyone’s a winner (except the majority in Libya, who don’t count and never have). You know it makes sense – if not morality.”

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Posted by on March 10, 2011 in Morality, Politics



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