10 Mar

We all accept Libya is a tragedy with probably many more innocent people who will be killed or maimed, but invasion is not likely as you keep reminding us Libya is a sovereign country and its head of state however odious has the law of his country and indeed international law on his side. Should he have transcended international law or the law of his country then it will be for the correct body to bring him to trial.

You haven’t read my arguments. Gaddafi has NO RIGHT to rule Libya, no more than ANYONE who has not been legitimized by the people.

The phrase “sovereign country” with respect to Libya is MEANINGLESS under Gaddafi.

Use some empathy. Suppose Blair had organised a coup with a disaffected military and declared himself dictator and started executing his enemies, including you, me, Mrs Mopp down the road et al? Would you expect the outside world to think that he had any RIGHT to do this you JUST BECAUSE he was IN POWER.  And if this happened, wouldn’t you hope that democratic states would do at least SOMETHING to help restore power to the people?  Are you content to acquiese in a world where individuals and their crony thugs can take over and terrorize an entire country? It is absolutely LUDICROUS.

“International Law” is a sick joke; half of those policing it are fascist states, including most of the Middle-East – hence the discontent. These rebellions are driven by the PEOPLE. There IS no Al Qaeda, no Islamic fundamentalism.

Tell me at which point Gaddafi’s thugs CEASE to have “law on their side”? What DECIDES this? Just FORCE ALONE?

“bring him to trial” – indeed, sod all use to the ordinary Libyans dying NOW at this minute to liberate their country. They are facing tanks and planes with hardly any weapons, and DESPITE this they are willing to die for their freedom.

Did I ever suggest “INVASION”? Show me WHERE. I propose A) a no-fly zone (yes, take out his air defences) B) the arming of the rebels and C) the recognition of the government in Benghazi, which CLEARLY has more legitimacy than Gaddafi’s gruesome band of family thugs.

As it happens, the Arab League is now calling for a no-fly zone, and to arm the “rebels” with at least anti-tank weapons would be quite easy. IT IS THE LEAST WE CAN DO. These are ordinary people, just like you, me and the young boys on the farm down the road, fighting against a lunatic fascist who has ripped his country off and taken away the people’s freedom for FORTY YEARS. And you think these murderers are “sovereign”? I just can’t get my head round this. If the Krays had taken over over England would you think that LEGITIMATE? It is the SAME THING that happened 40 years ago. Gaddafi was NEVER legitimate. NOW is the chance to help the people themselves put this right, but THEY NEED HELP. We have a MORAL duty to help them.

Enough is enough. Support people fighting against fascism.  No, you can’t do EVERYTHING but doing NOTHING is an utter betrayal of our fellow-humans AND a total dishonour to those who in the past died for OUR freedom. (including of course the hated Yanks). And pls don’t tell me the UN has done anything. Since their “effective measures” were put in place Gaddafi’s killing machine has steadily ratcheted up the slaughter. They clearly spit on the “effective measures”.

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Posted by on March 10, 2011 in Core Thought, Morality, Politics


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