EU calls on Gaddafi to step down.

10 Mar


Well, Now that Britain and the EU have “called upon” Gaddafi to step down it’s almost all over, isn’t it?

Now we can expect at any minute a humble resignation from the Tentman from his wall in Tripoli, can we?

“I am resigning under the intense psychological pressure from Lady Aston, which is more than even I, a ruthless dictator of 42 years, can reasonably be expected to withstand.”

But don’t our great leaders have any psychologists advising them, like when  bank robbers are holed up with a SWAT team outside?

“Well Doctor, if we issue a stern warning to Gaddafi will he stop murdering people?” OR

“If we call on him to step down what are the chances that he WILL do so?”

Actually, for the answers you don’t need anyone qualified for this; my Granny could do the job.

Still, at least life isn’t boring; each day brings another surreally-fatuous and hysterically-hilarious example in the long line of “effective measures”. I wonder what Churchill would have thought of calls to Hitler to “step down” during the Battle of Britain? Pity we didn’t have the ICC then; he’d obviously have been scared stiff.

AFRICA? Oh, nobody intervened in Ivory Coast either, and tens of thousands are going to die there, too, because of yet ANOTHER dictator who doesn’t respect a vote. The African Union send mission after mission calling on Gbagbo to “step down”. HA HA …… They could have saved their breath. You have to KILL these people.

Sad, but true. Of course, ALL this could be avoided by DEMOCRACY, but that is ALSO for many very non-PC. We truly live in an age of insanity.

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Posted by on March 10, 2011 in Morality, Politics


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