Mandelson & Arms Sales

07 Mar

The man is a moronic and moral vacuum.

Does he think anyone doesn’t KNOW that “the economy will suffer” if we trade with fascists? According to his thesis, morality ISN’T IMPORTANT. On this basis, we should have gleefully sold nerve gas to Hitler, weapons of extermination to Stalin.

If he saw Gordon Brown’s mafia beating up Blair’s lot, would he gleefully sell whips and cudgels to the winning side in case his personal “economy” suffered? The fact that ANOTHER COUNTRY is involved is irrelevant; they are STILL HUMANS.

Britain’s economy will suffer if it refuses to do business with “less savoury” countries, Lord Mandelson claimed in an impassioned defence of Labour’s dealings with Libya.

Mandeluttterscumsheit would clearly be better-off MOVING to a country (there’s no lack of choice) which shared his lack of any moral perspective. Or perhaps he lives in one already. Most people don’t seem overly bothered. There may be a bit of noise now, but when Gaddafi has wiped out the “terrorists” with our weapons and we go back to normal then arms sales will no doubt resume pdq. And of course he’ll need to replace those few tanks the rebels managed to knock out with their sticks, stones and Kalasnikovs.

Oh, the “ARMS EMBARGO”, funny old thing that. When a state doesn’t need the weapons because it’s at peace and nobody is likely to attack it then we happily sell weapons by the freighterful. But when the fascists start USING our weapons against their own PEOPLE (who of course HAVE no weapons) then suddenly we go all moral and impose an embargo. This of course means that the fascists are fighting WITH weapons and the ordinary people trying to get rid of the scum ruling their lives have NO weapons.

Brilliant. The freedom-fighters fighting the fascists must be wondering what we stand for.

Sill, we are doing some “humanitarian aid”. You might think that the most humanitarian thing you could do is to save someone’s life, in this case by taking out Gaddafi’s airforce and tanks from the air.

No, “humanitarian aid” means giving people the means to bury their dead quickly, feeding them so they can continue to fight and die and sending in medical supplies so that those wounded might survive though of course some of them are wounded so horribly they might be better-off dead.

Yes, the best form of “humanitarian aid” would certainly be a massive airstrike on Gaddafi’s headquarters. Still, this commonsensical view – certainly desired by the people fighting and dying (but the ordinary people never count for much, do they) is not very PC among the unintelligentsia comfortably ensconced in their armchairs, or indeed in some posh NY restaurant while they take a break from the endless blather to produce “effective measures” at the UN.

PS I’m not up to speed on Casto and Chavez. Are they still ranting on about the Yanks wanting to invade the oilfields? Are they still supporting Gaddafi? Chavez mediating? Oh JEEZ! You CAN’T “mediate” with dictators. Look at Chamberlain! SH. These people don’t “mediate”. Chavez is a moron, but he is in good company; all those who welcomed his offer to mediate are clearly just as moronic.


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