The UN & Libya – Update

05 Mar

A few days ago the UN General Secretary said that the UN had taken “decisive measures” against the Libyan regime. He didn’t say it was comprised of a bunch of murderous and illegitimate fascist thugs, so I will supply that bit for him.

I thought it was time in a fast-moving scenario to evaluate the decisiveness of these decisive measures to see if Ban Ki-Moon is on the same song-sheet as the rest of us who speak English.

The Libyan “army” isn’t in truth up to much as armies go (especially the bits based in the East), most of it being deprived of modern weapons and training in case it ever turned on the Great Leader. However, there are elite armoured elements including those trained by the British SAS thanks to Noo Labour in Britain. These elements have modern tanks, artillery, helicopter gunships and fixed-wing aircraft.

As I write we are receiving reports of the latter being deployed in Al Zawiyha to drive out the “terrorists”. Of course, in realspeak the terrorists are Gaddafi’s men who have ruled Libya by terror for over 40 years, whereas the Gaddafispeak terrorists are for the most part ordinary people who are sick of the oppression and grinding poverty of $2 per day foist on them by the Gaddafi family, including the unspeakably-odious sproglet Said with his £10 million town house in London.

These “terrorists” have risen up to try to throw off the hideous fascist yolk of the Gaddafis. Indisciplined, untrained and many armed only with sticks and stones they are taking on the elite armoured division of one of Gaddafi’s numerous offspring. With incredible courage and almost no proper weapons or resources they have already beaten back the fascists once but are now under severe threat of defeat in their own city. Given that the massacre of innocent and unarmed opponents (see here) tends to be the chosen ploy of fascist dictators everywhere one shudders to think what fate is in store for anyone captured in battle by Gaddafi’s thugs. We’ll probably never know exactly how many have been killed, since they’ll certainly be taken away and put in mass graves somewhere in an extremely large desert. We are also never likely to know how many of those captured were summarily executed.

So, as for “decisive measures” then; I think we can safely say that:

  • Many of Gaddafi’s opponents, ordinary people fighting for their freedom, have been decisively killed.
  • Innumerable others (we’ll never know how many, since even the wounded are susceptible to being put out of their misery on the spot and will no doubt be buried in a hidden mass-grave somewhere in a very large desert) have been decisively wounded and their lives decisively ruined if not decisively ended.

Yes, the measures taken by the UN have certainly led to “decisive measures”, but not perhaps in the way the UN intended. In fact, the international community has done DECISIVELY NOTHING CONCRETE to help those fighting for freedom and democracy. They have of course “frozen assets”, but anyone who thinks that is in any way “decisive” must be brain-damaged.

In truth, one doesn’t expect the UN to do anything “decisive”, since half its members are themselves fascists of one colour or another. But there ARE free, democratic and in comparison rich countries that COULD do something to help those being slaughtered by fascist thugs. Soon it will be too late to help, since Gaddafi’s elite armoured division (totally safe from attack from the air) can one by one pick off the revolting towns  and massacre their extremely courageous but hopelessly out-gunned and disorganised inhabitants.

When it is all over will everything go back to “normal”? Will Gaddafi once again be seen strutting about at the UN as an Advisor to the Human Rights Council?  Will Italy resume importing oil? Will European firms continue to invest in a fascist, terrorised country?  Will the SAS once again train his elite thugs? We’ll see, but don’t bet against it.

Of course, the hated Americans may decide to get stuck in and take out the tanks and artillery murdering innocent civilians, whose only crime is to want freedom. If this happens, let’s see how the usual suspects react to this “American Imperialism”. Chavez, Castro and other will no doubt rant on about the Yanks wanting to “seize the oil fields”.

Oh, on that note, the  last time I checked, the Allies in Iraq had handed back control of almost all of Iraq to its democratically-elected people. Well, well – what a surprise. Still, it shouldn’t be, since they did the same in South Korea, Japan and Europe once they had saved THEM from fascists. Funny how the world forgets all that, isn’t it?

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