Libya – Saturday Night

05 Mar

The slaughter is going very well. Should soon have the oil back on stream at this rate:

From “The Guardian”

Reuters has more on the latest attack on on Zawiyah by pro-Gaddafi forces involving heavy shelling by tanks and mortars.

“The fighting has intensified and the tanks are shelling everything on their way. They have shelled houses. Now they are shelling a mosque where hundreds of people are hiding, said local resident Abu Akeel. “We can’t rescue anyone because the shelling is so heavy.”

Another resident in the main square said: “The attack has started. I see more than 20 tanks.” Some reports suggest more than 70 have been killed and more than 300 wounded.

“shelling a mosque” … interesting. Which lot has Allah on their side? those INSIDE being blown up or those OUTSIDE doing the shelling?*

And where is Allah when you need him? After all, “God is Great” …..

Still, the “decisive measures” agreed by the UN should kick in at any moment ….

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