Why we should help the Libyan People

03 Mar

There are currently over 30 conflicts in the World today. Do you want us to send forces to all of them?

If the BNP in Gloucester took over the council and subjected you to oppression and poverty then I would fight to free you from fascism.

The fact that these are Arabs in another country makes no difference to me. They are people, our fellows. Their situation is desperate. Sometimes, we have to FIGHT for OTHER people’s freedom. If Gaddafi gets away with this the message is clear; dictators can do what they like in “their” own countries, put down ANY rebellion by the people demanding the BASIC rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. If we don’t help them SOMEHOW then it will be an UTTER stain on our conscience for the rest of time.

More to the point, the various sordid Middle-Eastern regimes will get the message; they can machine-gun their people and nobody will stop or even do ANYTHING immediate and concrete to help the victims. The Chinese of course know this already.

As for your question, No, you can’t do EVERYTHING but you CAN do SOMETHING. We did it in Sierra Leone, Kosovo and elsewhere, no thanks to the UN.

The fact is that a popular rising of the oppressed after forty years suffering under a dictatorship is fighting a fascist thug armed (BY US) with modern weapons. The least the intl community could do is enforce a no-fly zone.

These people are FASCISTS. Don’t we believe any more in doing ANYTHING to help people under fascist oppression? YES, it would be better done through the UN, but you have seen my arguments about THAT.

And of course I repeat that Gaddafi has no more legitimacy to rule Libya than ANYONE ELSE and so aiding the rebels CANNOT be illegal, and so – SINCE IT IS NOT IN FACT DIFFICULT – we should do it. If the people in Benghazi call for help we should help them. No-fly zone, weapons or whatever they ask which is doable.

On a practical note, NO, of COURSE we can’t invade China, Zimbabwe or North Korea (even if in the last two people if they dared would beg us to do so) but we COULD carry out some air-strikes on Gaddafi’s forces. I bet that would lead Gaddafi’s remaining generals to force him to flee and end this overnight. It is obvious that the will of the mass of Libyans is to have regime change – indeed, they are prepared to DIE to achieve this, while we sit back and wring our hands.

These extremely nasty people always rely on divide and rule. The free world should stick together to support people fighting for freedom against ILLEGITIMATE regimes, and ALL undemocratic regimes are ILLEGAL.

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One response to “Why we should help the Libyan People

  1. george

    March 3, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    I picked up your comment from the Telegraph site – It’s amusing that you think Britain should now fight the “fascist” Libyan dictator that Britain spent the last eight years arming and training. Britain (England and a bunch of sozzled celtic spongers) should take a shower and lie down in a dark room for a while. And shut up about a “no fly zone” when there is not way in the world that this bankrupt society can enforce it.


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