Libyan Update

01 Mar

Rasmussen has said repeatedly that there would be no Nato involvement without UN Security Council approval.

Very useful. The UN SC Permanent Members include:

– a fascist state that murdered thousands of  its own young people in Tiananmen Square
– a mafia state run by the rebadged KGB, whose former employee effectively runs the country
– a European state whose rabid anti-Anglo-Saxon hysteria is matched only by the likes of Venzeuela and Cuba

Where is George Bush, liberator of Iraq, when you need him?

I’m not up-to-speed this morning yet. Have Gaddafi’s tanks retaken Miseratu and Zawiya and slaughtered the rebels yet, even as the UN speaks of “decisive action”?

Why do people pretend that the UN has any legitimacy? Isn’t Zimbabwe still a UN Member? That’s the state which used North Korean mercenaries to slaughter 20,000 opponents of Mugabe in Matabeland.

I have to check on the UN Human Rights Council, of which Libya is still for the moment a member. In fact, Gaddafi was on the Advisory Committee.

I mean, it is SURREAL, isn’t it? Gaddafi on the Advisory Committee of the UN Human Rights Council?

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