Rising Oil Prices

28 Feb

You can’t have it both ways. Either carbon emissions are OK OR they are bad for our survival.

If they are BAD, then the higher oil prices rise the better. The US and other countries will only take alternatives AND economies in energy use seriously when they HAVE NO CHOICE. As soon as the oil price rises, there is a flurry of interest and investment in alternatives to high fossil-fuel consumption. As soon as the oil price sinks again, the incentive wanes once more.

To save the planet and to rid ourselves of dependence on fascist oil-producing states we need a change of lifestyle. Like any habit, the oil-consuming one won’t be easy to kick. In fact, we’ll only kick it when we have no choice, but then you’ll see human invention and flexibility as we evolve to survive, as we always have and as every organism does. Unless it dies, or – in our case – chooses to commit suicide.


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