Libya – What next?

28 Feb

What should happen is this:

The NATO General Secretary with or without Hilary Clinton (only the US counts, having both (for the moment) the means and more importantly the guts to do anything about scummy dictators – forget the UN, a large number of whose members are theselmves fascist states)) should go to Benghazi, recognize the “interim government” and ask it: “What help do you want?”

It does seem impossible to Gaddafi to survive this, but a few Gaddafi tanks being destroyed from the air would encourage the others to give up so that Libyans can have a chance of freedom after 42 years without running the risk of thousands more deaths and injuries from a desperate Gaddafi.

Of course, this “interim government” has AS MUCH RIGHT as ANYONE to govern Libya, since until there are elections NOBODY has more right than ANYONE ELSE to govern a country. In fact, “sovereignty” is in many countryies ONLY decided by force; who manages to kill the opposition fastest. No doubt the PC brigade on here considered Iraq to be a “sovereign state” before the invasion, but SH only ruled through mass murder, torture and opporession. The idea that this gives anyone the “right” to rule an entire country is surreally-stupid.

Gaddafi is as he has always been a pariah and a disgrace to humanity, even if he is not the worst of his kind. It does begin to seem that the Libyan air-force has NOT indisciminately bombed the people, thank Goodness, though the defecting pilots show that Gaddafi did have a go at this.

Gaddafi is in fact a desert bumpkin, not in the same league as Sadaam Hussein for example. The latter would have carpet-bombed any opposition and committed any crime against humanity imaginable – as he of course did.

Thank God the US and Allies got rid of that unspeakable monster.

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