The UN’s “decisive measures”

27 Feb

Well, I suppose we could try to redefine “decisive” …

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has urged the global body’s Security Council to take “decisive action” over the Libya crisis.

Gaddafi’s reaction to these “decisive measures”?

They are null and void. We are arming the people of Tripoli to defend our country against the foreigners and drug-addicts.”

So, there you have it. “Decisive measures” are followed by no decisive result whatsoever. Ban Ki-Moon must be proud. Still, perhaps tomorrow will see a mass defection of Gaddafi sproglets and cronies all claiming that they supported the revolution all along. We’ll see. Meanwhile, tanks mass outside Zahwiya. Will the commanders obey the order to retake the city? A couple of air-to-surface missile might help them decide and of course save loads of Libyan lives, though these are far less important than those of the foreigners.

But Clinton is now promising “all possible help” to the “protesters”, “revolutionaries” or “freedom-fighters” or on the other hand “drug-addicts”, “foreigners” (excluding the black mercenaries) and of course Al Qaeda depending on your point of view. I wonder what “all possible help” means in the real world?

Meanwhile, the Germans have violated the sovereign airspace of Libya by rescuing their own people. Goodness me – you’d think these Germans would have more respect for sovereignty; they are usually such sticklers for rules.

And the Human Rights Something or other (not Commission, as they rebadged themselves following various shameful fiascos when operating under that name) meets in Geneva. Funny that, why don’t they choose Scunthorpe? Better class of restaurant in Geneva I suppose.

This is the body that last year by secret ballot of the whole general Assembly of Disunited Nations elected Gaddafi to its Committee! Yes, Gaddafi was ON the Human Rights Committee! The man whose police murdered 1,000 prisoners asking for more humane conditions. The man responsible for Lockerbie. And so on, and on and on ….

And you wonder why I consider the whole UN an utter, shameful farce.

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