Socialists & Economic Management

26 Feb

This is my favourite bit from the Chavez analysis in “The Economist”

“The government has tried to compensate for these woes by ….. leaning on its workers. Public employees have staged frequent protests over unpaid salaries, worsening conditions and a virtual freeze on collective bargaining”.

This is the “socialists” Plan A – stiff the workers.

Plan B – is to overspend and bankrupt the country. Obviously, Plan B was the UK Labour Party’s approach, since even they couldn’t get away with Plan A in Britain.

The funny thing is (funny in the “funny-peculiar” sense), whether they use Plan A or B, the RESULT is always the same -> WORSE conditions for the very people that these “socialists” claim to be rooting for.

Meanwhile, the RICH don’t care which plan is used, as they have the wealth and means to avoid the worst insanities Labour can inflict on them, and of course in the case of BANKERS, Labour will bail them out ANYWAY.

It’s a funny old world.

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Posted by on February 26, 2011 in Politics


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