Sanctions!!! WOW!!!!

24 Feb

So, how is our little sovereign state today? Has Gaddafi stepped up his swansong slaughter against unprotected civilians?

Those pacifist Germans are in the vanguard, it seems ….. at least they might be able to do something if Gaddafi’s increasingly-desperate thugs start to massacre people at the airport. Well done, Germany …. Meanwhile, lawyers in Britain and the UN discuss “sanctions”. Have you EVER heard anything more pathetic. It’s as if Churchill told Hitler in his bunker that he would be subject to “sanctions”.

Germany has sent three warships with 600 soldiers on board to the sea area between Malta and Libya, reports the German magazine Spiegel. About 160 German nationals are still in Libya, Spiegel says.

Yesterday I was wondering at what point mass-murder became “genocide”. I’m not sure if anyone has set a figure. But then of course, he is murdering HIS OWN RACE, so is it “genocide” at all? As a “sovereign state” he can presumably murder every single inhabitant as long as they’re not another race, which would trigger “genocide” (as long as it was enough – I mean, a few thousand or so wouldn’t count, presumably).

So, A) it’s not genocide. B) Libya is a “sovereign state” and so C) we can do nothing apparently, not even to protect the foreigners at Tripoli Airport. Should a fanatically-loyal squadron of Gaddafi’s air force be ordered to attack Tripoli Airport with cluster bombs because it’s all the fault of foreigners, WHO exactly is going to defend the massed thousands there?

The international response has been pathetic and shameful. Still, as Libya is a “sovereign state”, what can you do?

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