Endgame in Libya

23 Feb

Well, as Gaddafi threatens a bloodbath and while civilians are randomly picked off by imported mercenaries and helicopter gunships the international community is scoring very highly on the “We don’t want to get involved; it’s a sovereign country” scale. Brilliant – an almost 100% non-involvement score so far.

Equally amazing is the performance in “useless, blathering guff” from a wide variety of dignitaries deliberating in comfy surroundings in the UN, the Arab League and elsewhere. So far we’ve had around 1,000 “condemns” and innummerable “unacceptables” from the Great and Good.

True, John Kerry has astonishingly called for the ultra extreme step of asking Obama to re-consider sanctions … Wow …. Gaddafi must be quaking in his boots.

Obama seems to have gone on holiday. Mind you, at least he can do no damage there. If his achievements on Palestine are anything to go by the further he is away from any real decisions the better.

Yup, from the entire world community including Libya’s friends or enemies, “socialists” or “fascists”, WE CAN’T EVEN ORGANISE AN AIRDROP OF MEDICAL SUPPLIES TO THE HOSPITALS IN BENGHAZI.

As one Libyan said from Tripoli last night: “We are tired of people condemning Gaddafi and telling us how bad he is. We KNOW that already; we’ve been enduring him for FOUR DECADES. What we want is HELP.”

Not a chance, matey. You see, we in the civilised world only help when it’s too late, because you’re a “sovereign country” ….. Poor chap – he just doesn’t get it.

The British frigate is apparently going to pick up “our” people. Are dozens of other nations going to send frigates for their people? You can just imagine them all tied up at the quayside in Tripoli checking their people on board.

“Sorry Madam – you’re not British, so piss off – your rescue ship will be along next week …….oh, and mind that tank coming round the corner – looks like the elite trained by the SAS …….”

Yup, these disasters bring out the most amazing nationalism, even racism. Brazil said. “Libya must ensure the security of foreigners.”

Really? Never mind the Libyans, then? As long as the foreigners are OK, that’s alright. The Libyans can fend for themselves, can’t they – with no help, not even medical supplies. And the news is no better. “There are no reports of any British being killed.” Great – We can dance for joy. The fact that thousands of Arabs aren’t so lucky is tough.

So are we supposed to feel happier if 10,000 Arabs are killed and 1 Brit than if 1 Arab is killed and 2 Brits? That’s the impression I get. Why do they always GIVE a count of how many Brits are killed in this or that accident or crime? Does it MATTER more if OUR people are killed than “foreigners”?

As for foreigners in Libya, well, Gaddafi was not an unknown quantity, was he? Any foreigner in Libya knew full well they were supping at the oil money of a nasty murderer who has oppressed his country for 42 years.

Black Africa? A few years ago, the elected Gaddafi LEADER of their organisation. Where are their airport controls preventing the mercenaries from taking off for Libya?

Oh, we aren’t hearing much from Mandelscum, Blair and Brown, are we? About how they sucked up to Gaddafi, gave back Megrahi, trained Gaddafi’s killing machine? It’s all gone VERY quiet from those who once had SO much to say. Great shame for Scummy of course; no more posh lunches on board one of the Gaddafi sprog’s yachts in Monaco. Scummy must be gutted. Still, there are always the Russian oligarchs; a spot of caviar does wonders for the flagging spirits.

Meanwhile, the killing goes on. We now await the UN’s second meeting. Will the results be any less pathetic than the press conference after the first one. Will the “condemn” count rise to 10,000? Or is that just the body count – I get confused.

Any good news? Well, it seems that the whole of Eastern Libya is now beyond his control, with much of the military having declared for the “revolution”. Let us hope that someone soon deals with this grotesque ogre and his parasitic offspring and cronies.

Then we will no doubt see the Great and Good pouring in, anxious to secure new oil deals with the next government.

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