The NHS & Public v Private

15 Feb

Of course, even after billions of extra spending and THIRTEEN YEARS of Labour it’s all Mrs Thatcher’s fault, and no doubt far worse under the Tories.

Some elderly patients were given no help to eat or left in urine-soaked clothes, according to the health service ombudsman.

Oh, this is from “The Guardian” by the way, though no doubt “The Daily Mail” has the story a bit more sexed up.

Oh, I expect the Ombudsman is a Tory, too …..

This is NOT an accusation against the mass of NHS workers but an indication of systemic failure. The organisation is too big and there is too little accountability.

As for “private”‘ v “public”, it is an eternal debate and extremely ideological, which is why it has to be approached with a combination of logic and conclusions drawn from experience.

In a public organisation X% of people are dedicated and strive to do a good and inceasingly-better job. That means that 100-x% aren’t and don’t.

X% is – I would submit – always higher in the private sector because the company’s survival DEPENDS on doing a good and increasingly-better job because if you DON’T then A) you will not advance personally and B) your company could go bankrupt.

There is little chance of B in the public sector and of course the sanctions against the 100-X% who just go through the motions are non-existent. Witness the 18 teachers in FORTY years who were sacked for incompetence in the public teaching sector.

This is not ideological, just based on logic and conclusions derived from observation.

The aim should be to create something that serves all the people but also takes account of human nature and behaviour so as to optimise “efficiency” –

“OH GOD NO, PLEASE NO EFFICIENCY” – the slogan of the Looney Left of course ……

I will certainly NOT apologise for using the phrase “Looney Left” to describe  those who allow their outdated class-hatred ideology to take precedence over logic and reason, especially when the results of the former are detrimental to the very people they claim to be most concerned about.

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One response to “The NHS & Public v Private

  1. Paul Handover

    February 16, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    Of course you and I could have an interesting debate about this living, as it were, on opposite divides! And please don’t interpret this as disagreeing with your basic theme; it’s just that the private medical system here in the USA can be mind-numbingly expensive, and millions can’t afford health insurance.


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