The Lesser of Two Evils

08 Feb

Better Mubarak than what might follow him …..

This is a despairing “lesser-of-two-evils” philosophy now well past its sell-by date.

Mubarak is a fascist thug.

  • He is reputed to have amassed a personal fortune of billions, safely salted away in Switzerland or somewhere.
  • As usual, his entire extended family and coterie of generals are also in on the ripping-off of his country scam. The military (as in iran and China – what a surprise) are heavily into ownership and running of businesses from which they massively profit. The corruption involved makes the HOC expenses scandal look like afternoon tea with the Vicar.
  • He has systematically prevented free and fair elections, in itself ALONE a heinous crime.
  • He banned the Muslim Brotherhood, which has as much right as anyone else to be heard and represented in government IF THE PEOPLE SO WISH.
  • His regime has almost total control of the media, as witnessed by his recent shutting down of teh internet and attempts to disable the phone network. Even now his regime is using state media to spread LIES about foreign journalists, that they are spies and so on …… Journalists have been arrested; some killed by the secret police. And Brits complain about Murdoch!
  • He has built up a brutal police force which has terrorised the people for decades. During this current “revolution” these people have murdered well over 200 people. Granted, this is chicken-feed by Sadaam Hussein comparison, but murder is indeed the right word. This of course makes Mubarak an accessory to murder.
  • Under Mubarak, Egypt has stagnated; most people are poor with little hope of self-advancement.

The west CANNOT deal with such people; it is immoral and self-defeating. The insane Iranian regime only came to power as an extreme reaction against the Shah, whom we grovellingly supported.

What you’re suggesting is an extreme form of “The ends justify the means”. We might as well have told Hitler to get on with exterminating the Slavs because that would at least have put paid to Stalin.

The ordinary people in Egypt are no different from us. Most just want peace and a chance to build a better future for their kids. You CANNOT do this under fascism of ANY kind.

It is true that a large number (but not a majority in Egypt) of Arabs are religious nutters, but that virus will only get worse if ordinary people in the Arab world are oppressed by fascist thugs whom the west supports.

Fascism is like a nasty cancer – cutting it out invariably involves a lot of pain, but if it is not done, the end result is only WORSE.

The sooner Mubarak goes, the better. His successor may indeed be as bad, but that’s the price we pay for being human, so flawed are we. On the other hand, who knows, things MIGHT just be better after he’s gone. We won’t know till it’s tried. The status quo, however, is utterly repugnant and indeed in practical terms self-defeating; the masses will only end up doing a REAL revolution at some stage which will make the current events seem like afternoon at playschool.

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Posted by on February 8, 2011 in Core Thought, Human Interest, Politics


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