Lunacy of the Day

08 Feb
“As Dr Peter Selby, former bishop to HM Prisons, has said, disfranchising prisoners makes them “outlaws”, while doing nothing to promote deterrence.” 

Despite being a Doctor, this man is a complete LUNATIC. Prisoners have become OUTLAWS by getting themselves put in PRISON. THEY DID IT, NOT US.

And let’s not pussyfoot about here. Going to prison usually means you have been very NASTY to someone else.

How can people come out with this drivel, both in moral AND logical terms?

“Deterrence”? Well, if they’re in prison they can’t be nasty to anyone except each other and their warders, can they? The rest of us can meanwhile enjoy a bit of peace from nasty people as we go about our law-abiding business. Is that TOO MUCH TO ASK?

There’s more!

“Deny prisoners the vote and we undermine our democracy”

Complete and utter nonsense; absolute tosh. The law is a set of rules which the community has collectively established for the good of all. Those who end up in prison both clearly disagree with the collective will and are set upon being quite nasty to the majority who have democratically elected to live within a legal framework. 

The idea that people who have deliberately placed themselves
OUTSIDE the law should be included in the law-making process is just STUPID.

Why does this writer not take herself off to Brussels where she would meet like-minded spirits pontificating to those of us who live in the real world?

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