Milliband does an unconvincing Mea Culpa

07 Feb

How reassuring – Ed (“Yes-we-goofed-big-time”) Milliband claims to listen for advice from – wait for it:

Blair and

With advisors like that, he can’t go wrong …. surprised he left out Mandelscum of course …….. still, perhaps Gordon “I saved the World” Brown is actually saying: “For HEAVEN’S SAKE Ed, don’t EVER do anything REMOTELY similar to anything that I did ….”

Yes, that advice would certainly do it.

And don’t you like the word “pretend” ….. why not go the whole hog and use the word “LIE”? Apparently Minibruder KNEW cuts were essential but “pretended” they weren’t ….

Oh dear, and I thought only the Tories lied …..

“Mr Miliband, a former adviser to Mr Brown, yesterday became the latest Labour figure to say that he had been wrong to pretend that cuts were avoidable.

“We should have acknowledged earlier, after the financial crisis happened, that eventually there would have to be cuts under Labour,” Mr Miliband said.

“Our plans involved cuts and we should have acknowledged that. The problem we faced was that we sometimes looked like we were pretending there weren’t going to be cuts under Labour, when there were.”

The Labour leader also said that the party should “take our responsibility for not having regulated the banks sufficiently, along with governments around the world.” The UK economy was over-reliant on the financial sector and “too exposed” to the financial crisis, he said.

And in a clear reference to Mr Brown’s most notorious claim, Mr Miliband added: “Clearly, we should not have said there would be no boom and bust. That was clearly a mistake.”

Yet minutes after listing Mr Brown’s errors, Mr Miliband named the former premier as a source of advice.

No worries Ed – the public will have forgotten all this within a few weeks – except for elephantine idiots like me, of course. I never forget cretinous Labour leaders – comes of years of practice.

Still, the Tories would of course be worse. Thank God there are such consolations in life; one can always rejoice that one’s misery is relative. In the darkest days of lying Labour malfaisance and economic meltdown, the idea that it would be worse with the Tories keeps our spirits up.

But hang on – are you STILL at it, Eddy boy? “pretending” that cuts aren’t necessary? I only seem to hear the refrain “Spending good; cuts bad”. But either there SHOULD be cuts or there SHOULDN’T. If cuts were (as you now accept) RIGHT in the dying throes of your dinosaurial mismanagement of events then why are they no LONGER necessary? What changed?

You can’t have it BOTH ways, can you?

But nice try, Ed. One day we’ll forget that you and Ed Balls were Brown’s right-hand men during the inglorious years of Labour decline – and do keep asking Kinnock, Blair and Brown for advice. This will reassure the public no end.

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