Linguistic PC Lunacy

07 Feb

Are Gloucestershire residents aware that the council leader considers his country to be a “multi-cultural hub”?

In fact,  95% are “British white” and 2.4% are Irish …… Despite this, the multi-nationality hubbiness of Gloucester is apparently deemed so great that census forms being sent out are accompanied by leaflets in FIFTY-SIX different languages.

Several questions suggest themselves:

– Is the council leader proud of this PC lunacy?

– Where does the prioritisation of resources in a time of economic meltdown come in all this?

– Why is it permissable to complete the actual census form in Welsh and how much is THAT going to cost?

– If Welsh is permissible, why not Scottish Gaelic and Cornish, or is it just that the Welsh lobby is more powerful?

– Are Gloucester CT payers impressed by all this PC insanity and the spending of money that could go towards something more urgent?

See “The Daily Mail”:

Gloucester City Council is sending out census forms in no fewer than 56 different languages.

Forget, for a moment, how much all this must be costing. Leave aside the fact, too, that it shouldn’t be too much to ask those who choose to live in Britain to speak English. According to council manager David Lyon, Gloucester is a ‘multi-cultural hub’.

No, it isn’t.

The last time anyone counted, the population of Gloucestershire was 95 per cent ‘white British’ and 2.4 per cent ‘white other’ (mostly Irish).

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