Gordon Brown’s Achievements

07 Feb

“It’s all the Tories’ fault – they introduced Private Finance Initiatives.”

Major introduced PFIs but Brown seized upon them will all the frenzied glee of  Pooh Bear let loose in a honey-bottling factory and vastly increased them. Concerned that we would all see how “caring” he was he wanted to rebuild all schools and hospitals in the land. Wonderful. I’d love that, too. Only I live in the real world, unlike Brown.

As for facts, pls tell me which are wrong in the following list:

1) Gordon Brown tinkered endlessly with the tax system, creating a vast complexity that even accountants often had trouble understanding.
2) He more than once got his tax changes quite wrong and had to go back and modify them.
3) His first act almost as to “claw back” £5 billion from private pensions. Brilliant! One of our biggest problems is provision for an ageing population; not that he cared.
4) He pledged to “end child poverty”; perhaps he meant for him and Blair.
5) He said he had abolished “boom and bust”. He LATER said (just before the shit hit the fan) that Britain was “better-placed than other countries to weather the crisis.” We didn’t realize at the time that he meant Greece and Ireland.
6) He encouraged a humungous public and private credit boom  that gave the illusion the economy was “growing”.
7) He was content to deregulate the City, seeing it (despite his supposedly “socialist” leaning) as an inexhaustible MILCH COW to finance his wild spending.
8) He vastly increased PDIs, even if Major started them. The PDIs now in place will cost future taxpayers BILLIONS over the top for DECADES.
9) He vastly increased both borrowing and the National Debt and left Britain in a parlous condition in danger of currency collapse.
10)  Did he invent the term “Quantitative Easing”? If not, then he should have done. He with Blair introduced an era of mindless spin. “Quantitative Easing” is a perfect Brownism, meaning in fact “borrowing even vaster sums to try to paper over a crumbling economy already reeling under vast debt.” BRILLIANT.
11) He and Blair TOTALLY fucked up the NHS reforms, paying doctors FAR TOO MUCH for doing LESS and failing to rein in NHS Spanish practices, such as consultants padding out operating lists so they can do overtime and push their earnings up in some cases to over £500,000 pa not including private work.
12) He increased the % of public spending of GDP from 37% to 47%.
13) He vastly increased the civil service and of course immigration, BOTH cynically designed to secure the votes of those so favoured. His OWN natural constituency he treated with sublime contempt (see Duffy-Bigot soap-opera)
14) He indulged in a disgraceful, sulking, bullying feud with Blair for ten years which brought politics into massive disrepute.
15) His party was in power when the MPs expenses scandals erupted – for which of course more than one has stood trial for theft. I don’t know who one is supposed to hold responsible if not the government, do you?
16) His party and government failed to provide enough flak jackets  or helicopters (not rocket science, is it?) for our men in Iraq. Despite this, he introduced BONUSES for civil servants in the MOD and elsewhere. Brilliant …. MOD? It seems Labour spend FOUR BILLION QUID on Nimrods THAT WILL NEVER FLY. Not bad, even for Brown.
17) Housing? Housing policy seems to have consisted on doing all he could to encourage a rise in house prices so that people would get a “feel-good” factor and of course then borrow and spend more to increase the illusion of “growth. Where are the new homes for the vast numbers of immigrants and of course for the indigenous poor whites (mostly bigoted scum of course who don’t vote Labour anyway and so don’t count) and other homeless people, including low-paid public servants?
18) He finally bullied Blair out of the way and bulldozed himself to become PM without even a vote in his own party. Constitutionally permissible indeed, but honest? Courageous? Correct? NO WAY JOSE.
19) The crisis when it hit took HIM by surprise as much as anyone, in fact MORE than seasoned, professional observers, whose opinion he seems to have been totally contemptuous of (We know best ….)
20) The dying act of his wretched government AFTER THEY HAD LOST THE ELECTION was to sign a commitment from Britain to bail out the euro (Blair having previously signed away a £4 billion UK rebate in the vain hope of earning his credentials for the post of President of Europe), which we don’t belong to and which is overseen by a bunch of lying, neo-fascist and megalomaniac crooks.
20) His brief reign as PM was a total disaster from beginning to end and he left Britain in a FAR worse state than when he came to power.

There’s plenty more, but that’ll do for starters.  The last one (and one or two other bits) is subjective but based on an analysis of all the rest.



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3 responses to “Gordon Brown’s Achievements

  1. Matt

    August 18, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    Hmm he actually capitalised the banks, meaning millions of people kept their savings. As well as leading an international coordinated effort to stabilise the global economy. If you fail to see this, then you are blind.

  2. Matt

    August 18, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    He was also subject to a massive media campaign against his personality. You say you hate media spin? You fell for it.

  3. Chris Snuggs

    August 20, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    You don’t address the specific concrete points I made relating to his record. Apart from the practical shambles he left in so many areas, the ten-year sulk with Blair about the leadership and the development of “Brownites” and “Blairites”, PLUS his failure to submit himself to an election for the leadership, brought – in my opinion – shame on politics.

    Credit binge, appalling contrlol of banks … I won’t go on – it’s all well-documented. As for his great achievements AFTER the 2008 crash, well, NOTHING HAS BEEN SOLVED, just “the can kicked down the road” a bit. As for what he did at that time, yes indeed, he was in his element, doling out VAST amounts of public money we don’t have, vastly increasing the debt – the can indeed. Now we’re even WORSE off.

    Banks? I never said EVERYONE should lose their money, but the directors should all have been sacked and all the banks nationalized and totally reorganised, with total separation of gambling and banking activities enshrined in law. I don’t think you realize the resentment there is against the banks, who are STILL AT IT. NO, the Tories aren’t any better on the banks, but they can at least add up.

    As for “spin”, not ALL that is printed is lies. He was appalling, and the media attacks reflected this.

    Sorry – I have never lived under a worse Prime Minister, but let’s agree to differ.


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