Getting it Wrong on Egypt

07 Feb

“Whoever replaces Egypt’s president might not prove such a staunch ally of the US “

You just DON’T GET IT. We don’t WANT fascists as “staunch allies”. Our support of fascists is motivating “ordinary” arabs to HATE us. But quite apart from the PRACTICAL aspects of this, we WANT A MORAL FOREIGN POLICY. You cannot oppose Iranian fascists but support Egyptian ones. You are INSANE.

In 1939, we declared war on Hitler because it was the RIGHT THING TO DO. But we COULD have made a pact with him to let him destroy the USSR. We could have done what Vichy France did and kept out of the war. The difference is that THEN we were not so STUPID, GUTLESS and IMMORAL.

I am sick of your short-sighted Realpolitik. The fundamentalist loonies of Iran are ONLY there because we supported the fascist SHAH.


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Posted by on February 7, 2011 in Politics


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