The Elitist JUNCKER pontificates on “Populism”

07 Feb


Guido Westerwelle, the FDP leader, has sounded eurosceptic over recent weeks, accusing EU officials of trying to bounce Germany into signing a blank cheque for a “Transferunion”, arguably in breach of both German and EU treaty law. He admonished EU officials for their “ex-cathedra” demands, reminding them that the rescue fund remains the prerogative of the member states that pay for it.

“It bothers me that some in Europe seem to think nothing has happened in this financial crisis, and think they can solve the problem by taking on fresh debt,” he said, invoking the name of Ludwig Erhard, the free-market apostle who created the foundations of the post-war German miracle.

Franco-Belgian-Luxembourg Axis of GrabbitallAndGreed

Jean-Claude Juncker, head of the Eurogroup, said the FDP’s new tone is alarming.
“I am appalled by how some German liberals are compromising their European political heritage. It is deeply painful for me to see that some in the FDP are now flirting with a populist course regarding Europe,” he told Spiegel.

“populist”! Oh dear! ANYTHING that the massed ranks of European taxpayers’ wants is routinely rubbished as “populist” by the gruesome Juncker, whose grossly-overpaid elitism is the very antithesis of “populist”.

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