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The Disunited Nations

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay has called on the world to back the popular revolts shaking the Middle East.

A good article. She is right. The UN as it is currently set up is a nonsense. A large proportion of its  members DO NOT RESPECT the UN Charter. Many are fascist regimes. Last year the General Assembly voted Libya onto the Human Rights Committee. IT IS AN UTTER AND HYPOCRITICAL CHARADE.

Membership should be VETTED and allowed ONLY for DEMOCRACIES. Yes, this would cause problems, but they exist anyway. The world is ALREADY split into fascist v democratic regimes, even if all the latter are by no means perfect. But at least this would be HONEST. Nations excluded would have at some point to decide whether they wished to join the mainstream of Humanity. One by one, their PEOPLES would make the decision for them.

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Rising Oil Prices

You can’t have it both ways. Either carbon emissions are OK OR they are bad for our survival.

If they are BAD, then the higher oil prices rise the better. The US and other countries will only take alternatives AND economies in energy use seriously when they HAVE NO CHOICE. As soon as the oil price rises, there is a flurry of interest and investment in alternatives to high fossil-fuel consumption. As soon as the oil price sinks again, the incentive wanes once more.

To save the planet and to rid ourselves of dependence on fascist oil-producing states we need a change of lifestyle. Like any habit, the oil-consuming one won’t be easy to kick. In fact, we’ll only kick it when we have no choice, but then you’ll see human invention and flexibility as we evolve to survive, as we always have and as every organism does. Unless it dies, or – in our case – chooses to commit suicide.


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Libya – What next?

What should happen is this:

The NATO General Secretary with or without Hilary Clinton (only the US counts, having both (for the moment) the means and more importantly the guts to do anything about scummy dictators – forget the UN, a large number of whose members are theselmves fascist states)) should go to Benghazi, recognize the “interim government” and ask it: “What help do you want?”

It does seem impossible to Gaddafi to survive this, but a few Gaddafi tanks being destroyed from the air would encourage the others to give up so that Libyans can have a chance of freedom after 42 years without running the risk of thousands more deaths and injuries from a desperate Gaddafi.

Of course, this “interim government” has AS MUCH RIGHT as ANYONE to govern Libya, since until there are elections NOBODY has more right than ANYONE ELSE to govern a country. In fact, “sovereignty” is in many countryies ONLY decided by force; who manages to kill the opposition fastest. No doubt the PC brigade on here considered Iraq to be a “sovereign state” before the invasion, but SH only ruled through mass murder, torture and opporession. The idea that this gives anyone the “right” to rule an entire country is surreally-stupid.

Gaddafi is as he has always been a pariah and a disgrace to humanity, even if he is not the worst of his kind. It does begin to seem that the Libyan air-force has NOT indisciminately bombed the people, thank Goodness, though the defecting pilots show that Gaddafi did have a go at this.

Gaddafi is in fact a desert bumpkin, not in the same league as Sadaam Hussein for example. The latter would have carpet-bombed any opposition and committed any crime against humanity imaginable – as he of course did.

Thank God the US and Allies got rid of that unspeakable monster.

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The UN’s “decisive measures”

Well, I suppose we could try to redefine “decisive” …

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has urged the global body’s Security Council to take “decisive action” over the Libya crisis.

Gaddafi’s reaction to these “decisive measures”?

They are null and void. We are arming the people of Tripoli to defend our country against the foreigners and drug-addicts.”

So, there you have it. “Decisive measures” are followed by no decisive result whatsoever. Ban Ki-Moon must be proud. Still, perhaps tomorrow will see a mass defection of Gaddafi sproglets and cronies all claiming that they supported the revolution all along. We’ll see. Meanwhile, tanks mass outside Zahwiya. Will the commanders obey the order to retake the city? A couple of air-to-surface missile might help them decide and of course save loads of Libyan lives, though these are far less important than those of the foreigners.

But Clinton is now promising “all possible help” to the “protesters”, “revolutionaries” or “freedom-fighters” or on the other hand “drug-addicts”, “foreigners” (excluding the black mercenaries) and of course Al Qaeda depending on your point of view. I wonder what “all possible help” means in the real world?

Meanwhile, the Germans have violated the sovereign airspace of Libya by rescuing their own people. Goodness me – you’d think these Germans would have more respect for sovereignty; they are usually such sticklers for rules.

And the Human Rights Something or other (not Commission, as they rebadged themselves following various shameful fiascos when operating under that name) meets in Geneva. Funny that, why don’t they choose Scunthorpe? Better class of restaurant in Geneva I suppose.

This is the body that last year by secret ballot of the whole general Assembly of Disunited Nations elected Gaddafi to its Committee! Yes, Gaddafi was ON the Human Rights Committee! The man whose police murdered 1,000 prisoners asking for more humane conditions. The man responsible for Lockerbie. And so on, and on and on ….

And you wonder why I consider the whole UN an utter, shameful farce.

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Socialists & Economic Management

This is my favourite bit from the Chavez analysis in “The Economist”

“The government has tried to compensate for these woes by ….. leaning on its workers. Public employees have staged frequent protests over unpaid salaries, worsening conditions and a virtual freeze on collective bargaining”.

This is the “socialists” Plan A – stiff the workers.

Plan B – is to overspend and bankrupt the country. Obviously, Plan B was the UK Labour Party’s approach, since even they couldn’t get away with Plan A in Britain.

The funny thing is (funny in the “funny-peculiar” sense), whether they use Plan A or B, the RESULT is always the same -> WORSE conditions for the very people that these “socialists” claim to be rooting for.

Meanwhile, the RICH don’t care which plan is used, as they have the wealth and means to avoid the worst insanities Labour can inflict on them, and of course in the case of BANKERS, Labour will bail them out ANYWAY.

It’s a funny old world.

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Libya – Overnight Report

LIBYA – Overnight Report

Well, the overnight battle score seems to be:

  • Gaddafi’s tanks, planes and artillery 10
  • the unassisted people of al-Zawiya and their sticks, stones and a few hunting rifles NIL.

But better news from the UN, which has dealt Gaddafi a devastating blow in suspending Libya from the UN Human Rights Council. The fact that Libya was even a member of this group will surprise many, but Gaddafi’s representatives had in fact brought a number of innovations to Human Rights in recent years.

Most notable was the policy of hiring mercenaries to shoot protestors in the head. As a Gaddafi spokesman said: “These youths hallucinated by drugs and inspired by Al Qaeda deserve to be put out of their misery as rapidly as possible so shooting in the head has been developed by us to a high degree, with the practical results clearly seen in the current crisis.”

News of Gaddafi’s elite troops trained by the British SAS is rather limited, but of course these people operate under cover in camouflage for much of the time, probably using advanced lasers to direct the sniper fire of the imported mercenaries.

Gaddafi himself is now comparing himself to the Queen, and analysts expect him in his next rant to compare himself to Blair, which will certainly be yet another feather in Blair’s cap. However, the architect of the return of Megrahi to Libya has been strangely silent in recent days, which of course is not at all like the old Blair. Are Campbell and Mandelscum at this very moment trying to put a spin on all this that will enable them to emerge as anything but the serial scum that they really are?

Meanwhile, the Cuban supercomputer analysing political events is reported to have blown a fuse since the predicted invasion by the US to seize the oilfields and declare them the 51st state of the Union has not yet materialised. Engineers are said to be planning to sue the American makers. Fidel has been seen wandering around muttering incomprehensibly to himself. Friends and admirers are not too worried, however, as he has been doing this for decades.

Further south, Hugo Chavez both welcomes the glorious revolution against a tyrant and in the next breath blames the US. Of course, these people can’t open their mouths without blaming the US so perhaps this latest attack was purely force of habit. Who knows? You really need a supercomputer to make any sense out of what these people say.

Armadilloblab in Iran is both hailing the success of the revolution and expressing horror that a government could fire on its own protesting civilians. Interestingly, researchers have discovered that in his youth he was a stand-up comedian and have concluded that he has not completely thrown off old habits.

Meanwhile in the UK the government is reported to have seized assets of the Gaddafi family. Funny old world. One minute Brown and Blair are sucking up to Old Camelface and shaking his hand, with Jack Straw congratulating him on his “statesmanship” and the next we are freezing his assets. Of course, it is a lot easier to freeze assets than do anything practical to stop the slaughter.

Still, at least Cameron keeps saying “I’m very sorry.” which is more than we’re ever likely to hear from Brown, Blair or Scumbag. Incidentally, rumours of a Scumbag sighting enjoying caviar and bubbly on deck of an oligarch’s yacht have been fiercely denied. “He wasn’t on deck – he was in the stateroom below,” claimed a spokesman.

But Gaddafi’s lawyers are preparing to sue the government on the basis that Libya is – as we have been told – a “sovereign country”. Can you in fact legally freeze the assets of the leaders of “a sovereign country”? The European Court of Human Injustice is expected to adjudicate.

Any good news? Well, numerous Gaddafi cronies and hatchet-men are jumping ship and claiming to have been closet revolutionaries all along. This is the well-known technique of “stealing the revolution”, first magnificently deployed in France in the early 1790s and then most famously by Josef Stalin. Rather ominously, the two daughters of one of these awakened souls were later paraded on Libyan state television to denounce their father, public denouncements being a special feature of fascist governments – the US being denounced by Cuba (and many others of course) almost every five minutes. The current whereabouts of the hapless daughters is unknown, but there is undoubtedly plenty of room left in the mass graves being prepared all over the country, so no doubt they will turn up dead  sooner or later.

Obama continues to make great speeches, though once again a supercomputer is needed to try to discern anything substantive from among the glorious rhetoric. Analysts have noticed his masterly use of the falling tone to indicate gravitas. However, gravitas without any content is wearing a bit thin. Has he been studying too many Gordon Brown speeches?

So, as another day dawns, expect more scenes from hospitals of bloodstained young men with limbs blown off on the one hand and more reports from the UN about Libya’s suspension from various committees on the other. Still, as long as sanctions are applied we can feel we have done our best to help the cause of freedom from tyrants. After all, Libya is a sovereign country.

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Sanctions!!! WOW!!!!

So, how is our little sovereign state today? Has Gaddafi stepped up his swansong slaughter against unprotected civilians?

Those pacifist Germans are in the vanguard, it seems ….. at least they might be able to do something if Gaddafi’s increasingly-desperate thugs start to massacre people at the airport. Well done, Germany …. Meanwhile, lawyers in Britain and the UN discuss “sanctions”. Have you EVER heard anything more pathetic. It’s as if Churchill told Hitler in his bunker that he would be subject to “sanctions”.

Germany has sent three warships with 600 soldiers on board to the sea area between Malta and Libya, reports the German magazine Spiegel. About 160 German nationals are still in Libya, Spiegel says.

Yesterday I was wondering at what point mass-murder became “genocide”. I’m not sure if anyone has set a figure. But then of course, he is murdering HIS OWN RACE, so is it “genocide” at all? As a “sovereign state” he can presumably murder every single inhabitant as long as they’re not another race, which would trigger “genocide” (as long as it was enough – I mean, a few thousand or so wouldn’t count, presumably).

So, A) it’s not genocide. B) Libya is a “sovereign state” and so C) we can do nothing apparently, not even to protect the foreigners at Tripoli Airport. Should a fanatically-loyal squadron of Gaddafi’s air force be ordered to attack Tripoli Airport with cluster bombs because it’s all the fault of foreigners, WHO exactly is going to defend the massed thousands there?

The international response has been pathetic and shameful. Still, as Libya is a “sovereign state”, what can you do?

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