Gordon Saves the World (Again)

19 Jan

Gordon Brown to warn against global youth unemployment epidemic

Former prime minister will call for Barack Obama to take the lead in helping the 81 million people under the age of 25. Gordon Brown Gordon Brown will tomorrow make a speech on behalf of the world’s young and unemployed.

Gordon Brown will warn on Thursday that the world faces youth unemployment of “epidemic proportions”, as he urges joint action by the G20 group of developed and developing nations to tackle rising joblessness.

Yes, all very noble, but this is the same GB who massively hiked National Insurance instead of income tax. NI is of course a “tax on jobs”. In France, it is so high that employers will bend over backwards NOT to employ anyone and make do with the staff they already have. This is why French workers on average are among the most productive in the world and ALSO why unemployment is consistently around 10% and young people do not on average get their FIRST, FULL-TIME, PERMANENT job till they are OVER THIRTY.

We need to adopt the Franco-EU model like a hole in the head.

So, thanks Gordon, but pontificate less – you’ve done enough damage already. However, if you REALLY want to help, campaign against:

–  the EU tsunami of regulations which make it ever more difficult to compete against Asia
–  high taxes on employment (see above)
– over-complicated tax regimes that penalise endeavour and stifle jobs, except for accountants and tax advisors
– excessive debt, which destroys economies, jobs and in your case careers ….
– the lax regulation of the financial services

I do realize this will be tricky for you, since when in power you worked ceaselessly FOR all the above.

Oh, and while you’re at it, campaign to set up a German-style technical-training and apprentice system to provide the engineers and technicians that we might need if there was any industry left. This would cost, but you could save money by not sending half of Britain’s youth to university to study media skills, sociology and/or football management. I’m not sure if tiddley-winks is yet available ……

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