The European Patient

14 Jan

EU sends out £4.4m diaries to schools which list Muslim,
Chinese and Hindu holidays… but miss out Christmas and Easter

I don’t know what business it is of the EU sending out diaries.

This is going to be a defining year for “Europe”. We are losing competitivity, losing our way, swamped by Francist statism. Now, according to Fillon, they want the UK to pay for their mistakes ; no accounts signed off for years, no French budget balanced in 35 years, vast debt everywhere, extraordinary benefits for EU elite, the euro launched on a lie, gigantic ripping-off of taxpayers and utter contempt for voters.

But for Delors and the others at the heart of this project, these crises are MEAT AND DRINK. Their cunning plan is to exploit them to argue (as Fillon, Sarko, Rompo et al are now doing) that ONLY by having a unified state IN THEIR IMAGE can Europe “survive”.

Absolute bollocks of course, and in fact, Europe being forged “in their image” is destroying it – somewhat ironical …..

Whom the Gods wish to destroy. But someone, somewhere, sometime has to say “Enough, enough ……”

That person or country will of course be blamed totally for any loss of momentum towards the United States of Europe that Rompostiltskin lusts for.

If it does end up being Germany, then expect the full banshee wailing of the grotesque, nonentity Juncker of Luxembourg and the usual cronies to be unleashed on Germany for being “uneuropean”, with plenty of insinuations about a “return to German arrogance and hegemony” and of course even “Nazism”.

They make me sick, the lot of them.

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