Financial Services v the Rest

13 Jan

Jeremy Warner tries to defend the bankers ….

… which is like waving a red flag at a bull.

These people can make vast amounts of money SIMPLY because they work in financial services which are NOT a fundamental part of a society’s survival, as are farming, rubbish-collection, education, health services, sewage-treatment, defence and so on. “YES”, FS create wealth but “NO”, this doesn’t mean they should earn for their practitioners more in one year than many ESSENTIAL workers do in a lifetime.

Nobody denies the TRUTH of much of what you say;Mr Warner, but YOU simply ignore OUR truth, which is that it is not EQUITABLE to be able to earn vast sums JUST because you HAPPEN to work in financial services. Bankers can ONLY afford to work in finance because OTHER ESSENTIAL workers create the civilised platform for them to DO so.

Is that CLEAR enough for you?

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