“Labournomics” by Ed Millibruder Minor

04 Jan

Millibruder Minor has pontificated again! Always highly entertaining ……

“We would hike NI rate, not VAT.”

Thanks Ed. What else would we expect from a bunch of morons? We remember your vociferous “pledging” before the 1997 election not to increase income tax, while the Lib-Dems said they would put up the latter by 1p to pay for education.

HA HA ….. you really had us there, Ed ……

A) the Lib-Dems were slaughtered, at which point everyone realized that telling the truth was always counter-productive, thus giving an enormous boost to spin and lies of the Blownscum (Blair, Brown and Mandelscum) Dark Ages and

B) the Labour Party kept its word but instead raised National Insurance by vast amounts instead.

The fact that income tax and NI are for the end payer to all extents and purposes interchangeable was of course irrelevant; you had “kept your word” on income tax. And of course, instead of actually (and courageously) getting through taxation the money to pay for your lunatic spending you just borrowed it and encouraged a vast consumer boom based on rising house prices.

Brilliant. Was that all Mandelscum’s idea or did Brown think it up himself?

NATIONAL INSURANCE? Yes, it is VAST in France and the consequence is that employers BUST A GUT not to employ anyone. This means that French companies are among the world’s best in terms of productivity but that unemployment is permanently – rain or shine – around 10% and young people are on average over THIRTY before they can hope to get a full-time, permanent job. Companies find ANY POSSIBLE WAY to improve productivity rather than take on extra staff. And of course, once you take someone on, that’s it. You can almost NEVER make them redundant. Companies are in fact part of the social services. This well-intentioned (aren’t they all?) Labour policy IN FACT has terrible consequences for the people it is trying to help.

Putting your bleeding heart before your brains isn’t actually
the best wayin the long-run, but who cares about that anyway?

No Ed, if you want people to consider you as anything other than a moron, you’ll have to do better than that. Of course, the fact that you were at the heart of Labour’s economic and finance policy for so long makes it highly unlikely that you’ll ever break out of moronicity.

VAT? The essentials are VAT-free. If the masses have to cut down on their DVD players, booze, fags and Nikes then tough. If they stopped buying pizzas and burgers and instead bought fresh fruit and veg they’d also lose weight. (Editor: Fat chance there then …)

Stop the weasel-words based on idiot economics. We deserve better. In case you can’t get hold of the book (there being great demand …), here is lesson one of “Economics for Idiot Labour Leaders”.

<strong>NI is a tax on jobs.</strong> Remember this conversation;

– Labour Government Idiot: “You’re a small company. WHOOPEE!!!!! If you employ someone we’ll stiff you with a vast tax.”

– Employer Milch Cow: “You mean, if I take someone off the dole and turn them into someone useful, productive, happier (and so drinking less and less liable to smash up the neighbourhood or go out and nick a car) and paying tax and of course less obese and burdensome on the NHS then for this great service to society you’ll tax me to the hilt so that I can’t compete effectively against Asian companies?”

– Labour Government Idiot: “Errm …. yes ….. “

– Employer Milch Cow: “Well, you can stuff it. I’ll outsource and/or move my company to Cheapoland or I won’t bother to try to expand or I’ll find a more productive way to do it without employing anyone new. Does that make sense to you?”

Labour Government Idiot: “Errmmm …… it’s all Thatcher’s fault ……”

Sorry, back to the drawing-board, Ed old son ……

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