04 Jan

Greece has announced plans to build a 12km (eight-mile) fence along part its border with Turkey to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing the border.

Public Order Minister Christos Papoutsis said more than 100,000 people had entered Greece illegally last year and Athens had a duty to act. Greece has long complained to Turkey about border security. Around 90% of all migrants who illegally enter the EU have come through Greece, say officials.

But the European Commission said such fences were “short-term measures” which did not tackle the root of the problem.

The most interesting bit of this article is  the statement of the European Commission, paid by us a vast sum to pontificate on such matters. It is a great pity the Commission in its lofty wisdom does not actually clarify what their interpretation of “the root of the problem” is. Given this total but not uncommon failure to speak the truth, I feel compelled to give my version, which is that most Turks and indeed others who try to get into the EU are vastly poorer than we are (hard though it may be to believe – and of course it will become even harder as time goes by) and are desperately trying to improve their lives. These are almost exclusively “economic migrants”, which I imagine formed the vast majority of Homo Sapiens before we hit on the cunning plan of creating nation states and borders.

So, there you have it. As for the Commission’s “long-term solution”, in the absence of any clarification I suppose they mean the equalising of incomes, benefits and quality of life in every land on Earth so that the incentive to migrate is eliminated. I am not sure what other solution could be said to be “long-term”. As long as people feel they will have a better life in place B than where they currently live in place A then a percentage of them will attempt to migrate, this percentage of course rising in proportion to the awfulness of the place they currently are.

Well, Commission? Here are a few questions for you just for starters:

  • Are you going to single-handedly with your immense power and (our) wealth bring all the poor and tyrannised countries them up to political and economic speed and thus arrive at “the final solution”?
  • If so, how?
  • And how long will it take? A year, ten years, a hundred, a thousand or ten thousand?
  • Will the equalisation be all upwards in the poorer countries or will there be an element of downward movement in those countries which pay your vast salaries and benefits?
  • Will the EU become progressively more poor and awful so as to discourage migrants? (a distinctly viable plan of course, and one the EU already seems to be putting into effect – except for the President’s €300,000,000 new offices in Brussels.)
  • Have you informed your electors (not that the highest-paid among you are elected of course, except by each other) of this proposed downward movement?
  • What was your electors’ reaction to this?

As ever I don’t really expect any concrete answers that make any sense. While we’re at it, here is another magnificent bit of EUROWOFFLE:

Earlier on Monday, a spokesman for the EU Commission said that walls and bars were “short-term measures which will not allow us to tackle illegal immigration in a structural manner”.

“short-term measures”? Listen Matey – we only live about 80 years if we’re lucky; short-term will do many of us fine. But once again, we are left desperately groping for any explanation whatsoever of what might constitute “a structural manner”; clearly it does not refer to the structure of any sort of barrier. While we await the answer to this, a nasty enough physical barrier will keep a large percentage out. We don’t do “nasty” in the EU? Fair enough, but don’t in that case whinge on about too many illegal immigrants. If you don’t take this barrier seriously you might as well let them all in, half of Africa and much of Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and so on. Perhaps that is the EU’s real aim? Of course, none of them will be able to afford the rents in Brussels so the EU should be spared any inconvenience as the rest of Europe is swamped. And when the electors in some distant part of the realm complain, they will of course at once be deemed “racist” or famously as “bigots”.

And note the subtle BLAMING  of the failure to “tackle illegal immigration” on the poor old Greeks, as if they haven’t got enough problems.  “short-term measures which will not allow us to tackle illegal immigration in a structural manner.”

STUPENDOUS!! And exactly WHY will a barrier prevent you from putting into force your unspecified “structural manner”? By all means GET ON WITH YOUR “structural manners” and then when these are working we’ll take the bloody wall down with whoops of joy.

Meanwhile, the hapless Greeks are for once trying to do something sensible, only of course to have the PC EU-Brigade pontificating down their necks about “structural solutions”, whatever they might be. Seems that if you’re a Greek, you can’t win. Actually, if you’re an ordinary EU citizen you can’t win either.

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