EU Nightmare

04 Jan


For God’s sake stop pussy-footing around and do something that clearly represents the majority view of the British people concerning the EU.

No, we can’t “prove” that because you NEVER GIVE US A CHANCE to express our opinion; too dangerous.

And NO, I am NOT a “euroscpetic”, merely an EU-elite sceptic. Van Rompostiltskin is paid more than President Obama and is just having a new Presidential palace built costing THREE HUNDRED MILLION euros. Dame Ashton is paid more than our Prime Minister with vast perks on top. They are spending SIX BILLION EUROS on a new “diplomatic service” ….. MEPs are paid nearly £200,000 pa net of tax. The EU can’t get its accounts signed off; there is sod all accountability; our money is sloshing around like confetti ….. Britain pays FORTY-FIVE MILLION POUNDS PER DAY into the EU. They LIED about Greece’s entry into the EU and they are BREAKING THEIR OWN RULES in the Lisbon Treaty by bailing countries out.

This is theft and criminality all dressed up in legalistic mumbo-jumbo to seem “normal”. They are AS BAD AS FIFA.

But WORSE, successive British governments seem powerless to stop this crap. At a time of economic meltdown the MEPs demanded SIX PER CENT increase in the budget. Cameron promised ZERO but has accepted nearly THREE.

Blair gave away our rebate and Labour in the interregnum between losing the election and the Coalition taking over signed another “PLEDGE” (their speciality) to help pay for the EURO bailouts even though we’re not in it.

The Germans were told pre entry to the euro that hell would freeze over before they would have to bail out any failing countries once in the euro. ANOTHER LIE, deemed essential by the EU-elite to sell the ditching of the Deutschmark.

And so it goes on, but we can’t seem to DO anything about it. Even when the Irish voted NO to the sodding Lisbon Treaty (and the French before that in 2005 to the previous treaty) they had to vote AGAIN until they gave the right answer. It is all UNBELIEVABLE – a recurring NIGHTMARE.

BUT IS IT ALL DELIBERATE? National governments are composed of individuals who have a PERSONAL INTEREST in the vast salaries paid to the EU elite? WHY? Because WHEN they either fail or start feeling underpaid in their OWN countries they then have a GOOD CHANCE of securing an EU sinecure at vast cost to taxpayers. See Kinnock, Mandelson, Ashton etc. The EU is a very lucrative dumping-ground for party hacks and cronies. Thus it is that the EU has become a gigantic game of highly-lucrative musical chairs for the EU clique.

Why is this possible? Because you can get away in the EU with stuff that you could NEVER swing past your own electors.

Some members of the European elite claim that they are “saving Europe from fascism”. Very funny. In fact, this blatant theft of our money is helping to create a vast “them and us” gap which is increasingly resented. This is far more dangerous for democracy than so-called “euro-scepticism”. I’m far from alone in this point of view. The

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