Israel’s Folly

31 Dec

Peter Oborne in “The Independent” – right on the nail as usual

Absolutely right. Israel is special for all of us, but it has completely abused our support. Whichever way you look at it, they have been occupying land gained by conquest for decades now. NO, they didn’t START the war that allowed them to occupy the West Bank, but on that basis Britain should now be ruling Germany and Japan be a state of the USA.

They have DONE ALMOST NOTHING to bring peace; no concessions or compromise on settlements, the exiles, Jerusalem. The Palestinians are the most educated, moderate and democratic people in the Middle East  and pose no danger to Israel, and yet Israel continues to steal their land andbuild settlements on it and maintain road blocks, apparently content to keep the people in poverty.

Nutandyahboo even CANCELLED the freeze on settlement-building IN THE MIDDLE OF PEACE TALKS. It is almost as if they are determined to provoke the next generation of Palestinian youth to rebel and join Hamas. The mainline Palestine faction has eschewed violence, but what have they been offered in return? Almost NOTHING.

The extent of the domination of Israel’s political agenda by right-wing religious nutters is astonishing. What do they EXPECT from the future? That they can go on for EVER like this? They simply give ammunition to Hamas but even worse to Hezbollah and Iran.

Obama is a disaster. When Nutandyahboo announced the end of the freeze on settlements, he merely said he was “disappointed”. The man is totally out of his depth, which is not surprising in one with so little experience and whose only competence is to make a good speech full of superficial froth but no substance – which the Americans in their desperation for a fresh start fell for hook, line and sinker. And not only the Americans of course – the surreally-stupid award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama showing the extent of the self-delusion.

What he SHOULD have done was get on the phone secretly (Wikileaks permitting of course) and told Nutandyahboo that if he didn’t compromise and therefore make real concessions then the USA would not only cancel all aid to Israel but start financing Palestine. An ultimatum to withdraw from the West Bank or face military action would not have gone amiss either.

As it is, the Israeli right-wing (Is it time to start calling them fascists? We would do if it were ANY OTHER PEOPLE) are leading the west by the nose into disaster. After 9/11 sorting out the Palestine Problem was supposed to be a top-priority.

It could and should have been so different. Israel and Palestine clearly need each other for trade, peace, as an example to the rest of the Middle East and the world.  At the moment, however, it is all a shameful disaster.

What can WE do? Well, nothing else has worked, so perhaps it is time for sanctions. We did it to get rid of apartheid; what is so different about Israel?

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