God “surprises” us

25 Dec

Dawkins is right. The Pope’s message is – perhaps sadly – nonsense, bereft of any grounding in rational thought.

He said that: “God always keeps his promises, but he may do so in a way that surprises us.”

Well, he certainly promised us World War II, because there have been wars since time immemorial, presumably with his agreement, since he is all-powerful.

However, what surprised us was that 6 million Jews would be murdered by the evilly unhinged. Certainly, that was a novelty. Well done, God.

Or does “Original Sin” mean it was our fault? None of us are innocent, even children? It is all NONSENSE.

Mind you, they are all at it. The Archie of Canterbury has just said:

Archbishop of Canterbury: Royal wedding is symbol of hope in harsh times

What does he MEAN? These are two young people getting married. In what way is that a “symbol of hope”. I’d have cited the fact that African leaders have told Gbagbo that if  he doesn’t step down they will attack him with a joint African and UN force to restore democracy. THAT IS WHAT I CALL HOPE.

Some more “hopes”:

  • that North Korea collapses under the weight of its own insanity before it kills millions of people with nuclear weapons
  • that the people of China will enjoy political freedom
  • ditto Belorus and various other “stans” of Central Aisa, and Zimbwabwe, Cuba and other dictatorships come to that
  • that the majority of sane Muslims will at last realise that their lunatic brethren are their enemies as much as ours and start doing something about it – can’t AQ and the Taleban be “excommunicated” or something?
  • that greed will be controlled and the insane rich-poor gap in the US and elsewhere will be dealt with before these societies collapse in revolution and disaster, as has ALWAYS happened with societies that get so far out of kilter
  • that malaria will finally be cured, as has – just about – smallpox
  • that the UK will get out of the corrupt EU and stop wasting FORTY-FIVE MILLION GBP per day to pay for the gravy-train.
  • etc etc

These are REAL HOPES. Please, Archie, don’t bore us with the royal marriage as “a symbol of hope”. Good luck to them, but “symbol of hope” as a headline is just silly.

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