Why did you despise Noo Labour? (most of whom are in Noo Old Noo Labour of course)

22 Dec

Blogger: Why did you despise New Labour so much?


Well, you did ask .

  • Too many of them blathered, pontificated, obfuscated, span, prevariacated, over-pledged and lied. Others stole our money then tried to evade the law.
  • They were superficial; eternally indulging in petty points-scoring; often about class (the PLP is obsessed with class); trying to find a soundbite that made a good headline. In essence, they treated the public like idiots.
  • They didn’t give a toss about our REAL concerns if these didn’t fit into THEIR agenda. (immigration, the EU, law and order etc etc.)
  • They made election promises they could not possibly keep in real life.  Do they think we WANT impossible promises and “pledges”?
  • They didn’t tell the public the real truth about the economy, immigration, the future. (see A)
  • Few seemed to have a sense of vocation; getting into power was often the only apparent aim.
  • Too many were totally incompetent and given posts they had no qualifications for whatsoever. (See Brown, who studied history at university – not that that helped him much, as he clearly hadn’t read about the South Sea Bubble or Dutch Tulips) – watching the last government was like being a spectator at a game of musical chairs, as hapless party cronies rotated uselessly through various Ministries, failing in each one and then being dumped onto some other poor load of mutts. Kinnock failed dismally in Britain so was cronied off to Brussels to make millions.
  • They wasted VAST amounts of our money: (£700 on Prescott’s door sign, £4 billion on Nimrods THAT ARE BEING SCRAPPED WITHOUT EVER HAVING BEEN USED and so on, including a 30% payrise to doctors for doing less work and bonuses for highly-aid Whitehall mandarins ……)
  • They didn’t speak English: Brown banged on year after year on about “the borrowing requirement”. WHAT “REQUIREMENT”? HOW MANY OF US ASKED THEM TO BORROW BILLIONS (or is it now TRILLIONS? I get lost) TO INDEBT AND BANKRUPT THE COUNTRY FOR YEARS TO COME? Any of you? I certainly didn’t. Had any politician asked me if I wanted to spend £700 on a new door sign for John Prescott’s office a few weeks before he was moved I’d have said “NO”). I suppose whoever replaced Prescott ALSO had to have a new sign costing the same, but I have no info on that. Did they ask anyone if we want to give money as “aid” to China? To China? “Come on, you can’t be serious!” Unfortunately, they are. “REQUIREMENT”? Are they INSANE? Nobody is REQUIRED to live beyond their means.
  • They were gutless – see above. Saying “No, we can’t afford that.” takes some guts, since you have to disappoint people who want goodies. Sorry Brothers, you can disappoint me more often as long as we don’t end up in hock to the EU or to international bankers or the IMF.
  • They bankrupted the country, connived in secret mass immigration they had no mandate for, did nothing to improve the housing stock (except congratulate themselves when house prices rose since everyone felt better off – except the homeless and people renting  … and rising house prices of course allowed people to borrow and thus spend more and create the illusion that the economy was “booming”) and in general presided over a severe decline in many of the most critical areas of British life.
  • They refuse to this day to acknowledge any fault in all this; humility was never their strong point. It never is of “those who know best.”

I could go on, but you get the point; or perhaps not – perhaps you believe in “borrowing requirements”, “quantitative easing”, (it’s like something out of 1984 – why not call it what it is? “more humungous borrowing to solve the crisis caused by humungous borrowing” – it has its funny side at least), gutlessness, incompetence, lying and so on; after all, 30% or more vote Labour so I suppose they must believe in all that.

Unfortunately, most politicians in most parties share some of the attributes so repeatedly paraded in front of us by the Blair, Brown and Mandelscum  trinity. Even so, no party in living memory has so gruesomely combined all the above into one disastrous package; accompanied of course by the pathetic, childish and sulking Brown-Blair feud that went on for a decade.

I hope that answers your question.

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