Van Rompuy costs us €22 million a year, and FOR WHAT?

20 Dec

Thankyou “The Telegraph” for this clear exposé of
the shameful and insane Brussels SPENDO-NAUGHT.

It is astonishing how so many people can become so detached from reality when they can so easily get their hands on other people’s money. Here is a SUMMARY of the statistics given in”The Telegraph”:

The President of the European Council – Hermann van Rompuy

  • Herr Van Rompuy is paid €263,000 per year, double the salary of the British Prime Minister and £5,000 more than the President of the USA. Is this deliberate , to give the message that this position is more important than that of US President?
  • The official description of this office is “to drive Europe forward”. (No, seriously). Richard Corbett, a former Labour MEP and Senior Aide to van Rompuy, said his job was about “getting consensus among 27 heads of state and government, who are prima donnas used to being in charge.” (Van Rompuy, of course, is not a Prima Donna, even though his position is essentially useless.)
  • He pays a 24 per cent rate of tax (like all other EU officials whatever their salary level) and his personal annual travel budget will be £4 million.
  • He has a staff of 60 people – a cabinet of 22, 10 body guards and 28 support staff. His total office budget will be £22.3 million.
  • Now he is to have an ADDITIONAL foreign policy staff of more than 20 senior officials at the same time as the EU creates a separate, overlapping foreign service. This unit totally duplicates “work” already done by the Ashton bureaucracy.
  • Van Rompuy’s offices have been lavishly decorated and equipped even though they are temporary while a €300,000,000 office block is built for his department. “He has the most expensive sofas of any EU official, his walls are hung with trendy art works, and he has the best cooks and wine cellar in Brussels. And, it’ll all be torn down when he gets his new office which will grander than anything ever seen here,” said one envious EU aide.

The President of EEAS, the new EU “Diplomatic Service” – Lady Ashton

  • Lady Ashton, who has never been elected to any public office, earns £230,702 a year, £88,000 more than Mr Cameron and £96,000 more than William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary. She is the best paid female politician in the world, and controls a budget three times bigger than that of the British Foreign Office.
  • Her public image is so disastrous she has demanded a new spin doctor paid for by us at a cost of €200,000 per year who will head up a “Press Unit” costing several million euros per year. This is in addition to other very expensive press services already run by the EU.
  • Fifty of her senior officials are on the EU’s top two civil service pay grades and earn between £157,000 and £171,000 a year, higher salaries than the British Prime Minister’s £142,500. Another 64 of the new service’s diplomats and officials are just one rung below, with average salaries of £139,000, bringing to 114 the number of foreign service staff paid more than Mr Hague’s cabinet minister wage of £134,565.

Of course, in addition to these bloated salaries these officials also receive expenses so lavish and wide-ranging that ordinary electors would be staggered at the EU’s generosity with our money.

The point is that BOTH these posts are essentially useless empire-building. The EU is NOT a state and does NOT NEED either a President, a Foreign Secretary OR a diplomatic service. Europe has managed very well since the war WITHOUT all this vastly-expensive nonsense.

It might have been different if the EU elite had ANY commonsense about spending our money. THEY DO NOT. Because the money is so easily acquired from national governments, the EU has totally lost sight of the hard work that had to go into earning it by REAL workers in the REAL world. The idea that workers in low salaries in uncertain jobs in Scunthorpe in Britain are going to get value-for-money from FORTY-SIX EU “diplomats” sent to Barbados is stunningly-surreal idiocy.

These three appointments, created by the Lisbon Treaty (the two above plus the “Foreign Secretary”) which hardly ANY EU citizens had ANY direct say in (and those that did had to vote again till they “got it right”) are all a total waste of our money, created by the EU elite bandwagon to “drive Europe forward”. This very phrase is patronising drivel. What “drives Europe forward” is not Lady Ashton presiding over a monstrous bureaucracy costing SIX BILLION euros and counting but EUROPE’S WORKERS, who are over-taxed, over-indebted, over-reglemented and whose remuneration is surreally-insignificant to those of the above-named officials who actually do no real or productive “work” at all. They create NO WEALTH whatsoever for Europe; they merely consume that created at great effort by others and in the process produce mountains of stifling paperwork.

This situation is a continental disgrace and will in fact not “drive Europe forward”
but set it back for decades when the European milch-cow public eventually revolts.


  • Strasbourg: Under EU treaties, MEPs are required to attend 12 sessions per year in Strasbourg. As a result, more than 700 MEPs, plus about 3,000 aides and piles of documents, have to travel the 450 km from Brussels to Strasbourg each month, in order to attend the week-long plenary sessions. The arrangement, strongly defended by France, costs around €200 million per year to the taxpayer and is estimated to release 20,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. This arrangement in Strasbourg, on the Rhine between France and Germany, is supposed to symbolize peace in Europe …..
  • MEPs have just been awarded a new expenses deal to give them an automatic €91,000 per annum without their having to produce a single receipt or justification of any expense whatsoever. This comes on top of a basic salary of €80,000.
  • As hundreds of thousands of European workers face a Christmas with little money from their part-time or low-paid job – or of course no job at all – they can at least compensate their misery by remembering that MEPS will get this Christmas a £5,000 backdated payrise of 3.7% to help them struggle through the festive period.
  • MEPs are supposed to represent ordinary Europeans, but given their lavish remuneration they naturally get sucked into the Brussels spendocracy ethic – or rather non-ethic. How many challenged the lunacy of this new “diplomatic service”?  How many protest against the insane spending of the elite? On the contrary, they collectively demanded a SIX PER CENT increase in the EU budget this year at a time when ordinary citizens in almost every EU country are reeling under the onslaught of this financial and economic crisis, which of course – impinges NOT ONE JOT on any EU official. Indeed, the new “diplomatic service” has created a frenzied bonanza of new jobs and promotions in Brussels, all paid for by money that most European nations actually DO NOT HAVE. ALL OF IT HAS TO BE BORROWED. If the EU wants to “drive Europe forward”, it should concentrate on REDUCING COSTS, REDUCING NATIONAL BORROWING and on trying to help European firms become more competitive in face of the Asian onslaught, which is ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE.
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