20 Dec

If Germany leaves the Euro, Austria, the Netherlands, Finland und Luxemburg will leave the Euro-Zone, too. There will be no Euro without Germany.

Sure there will. If Germany and three or four others leave the Euro and resurrect the DMark, the PIIGS will simply inherit the Euro and the Euro institutions, devalue sharply, and life will go on. Two Common Currencies in the EU would not have anything like the problems the Euro has, because each would have members which resemble on another in competitiveness.
GOOD STUFF. One of the most nauseating and STUPID ideas I have heard has been said by both Merkel AND Sarko: 

“If the euro fails, europe fails”.

With leaders like these it’s no wonder we’re in a mess. Nearly half the EU is not even IN the bloody euro. Switzerland is not even in the EU. Other countries in Scandinavia have associate membership – all the benefits and none of the disadvantages. Are all these states “failing”?

Making one’s blood boil isn’t in it. These people are pratts, but extremely dangerous as they have power.

Ireland? It seems to me they would be better off out of the euro or even the EU. They regain control of their economy to mess up the way they want, or to put it right – THEIR DECISION. As it stands, trying to keep up with Germany is going to bring misery FOR YEARS. AND THIS PATCHING UP WILL NOT WORK. IT DOES NOT SOLVE THE UNDERLYING PROBLEMS ……

WHO believes they will EVER be able to repay their debt? Greece is in an even WORSE situation. And on top of all this is the imminent collapse of the American economy, possibly hastened by a new Korean War and/or any number of disastrous actions that China might take.

Merkel is not the Bismarck or the Churchill who is going to save Europe from all this shambles. But PLEASE DON’T BLAME OTHER PEOPLE. IT IS OUR FAULT. (“our” = your government’s” of course)


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