“A Mandate to Govern”

20 Dec

BLOG WHINGE: Wilful destruction by a government which doesn’t have a meaningful mandate for the policies it is introducing at breakneck speed. A shocking situation.

Define “meaningful mandate”. And while you’re at it, let us know if Brown and the rest of his cronies had a “meaningful mandate” to:

  • bung doctors 30% more for doing less and swamp the NHS with management and PFIs which bung vast costs onto future generations
  • bankrupt the economy and leave us HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS in debt
  • carry out a secret plan to swamp the country with immigrants, the aim being to “settle the Tories’ hash for good”
  • do nothing to improve the housing stock
  • deregulate the banks and help bring about a catastrophic financial crisis
  • encourage people to get into debt; do NOTHING about banks and other lenders issuing credit card after card often at 30% interest
  • send our men to fight in Iraq without flak jackets and to Afghanistan without proper armoured vehicles or enough helicopters
  • give ever increasing powers to Brussels and cancel our rebate (Thanks Blair – £4 BILLION gone at the stroke of a pen)
  • vastly increase the civil service, give bonuses to civil service Mandarins, including in the Ministry of Defence which can’t equip our men properly
  • send 50% of kids to universities, often to study crap subjects of no use to anyone
  • convert perfectly good tech colleges and polytechnics into “universities” as part of the general dumbing-down of society in all aspects
  • connive in the dumbing down of exams to the point where most people consider them a joke; define “joke”? getting a pass with 20% of the exam right or some such lunatic figure
  • producing a legal system which is universally derided as a sick joke (the PLP is hot stuff on jokes)
  • allow the H&SE to run riot over commonsense; a simple playground incident in a primary school apparently requires the filling out of some 50 forms by police, who spend most of their time in the police station on paperwork.

I could go on, and on and on, but you get the drift.

I like your reference to “breakneck speed”. You seem not to (be able to) grasp that we are BILLIONS IN DEBT. If we DON’T do something SERIOUS “at breakneck speed” our CREDIT RATING will be downgraded like Greece and Ireland and the money we HAVE to borrow to pay your benefits will cost MORE. This is because we HAVEN’T ACTUALLY GOT the money and must borrow it. (or of course “quantitatively ease” it.)

Perhaps you would prefer to carry on as before and go “at breakneck speed” to economic and financial meltdown? Sorry, that was BROWN’S CUNNING PLAN but he was mercifully slung out at the last election – not without some difficulty ….. to the end he entertained some fantastic illusion that the Lib-Dems might support him. I know the Lib-Dems are a soggy lot but insane they ain’t …

I await with interest your response.

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One response to ““A Mandate to Govern”

  1. peter brown

    December 21, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    Well said Chris!
    Now that we have the inside story on our previous PM it is self evident that he was only interested in survival and not the best interests of the people of Britain.
    Elf’s and safety have also been hugely damaging to the attitude of normal people to what used to be regarded as normal risks but are now seen as means of screwing money out of some government body or other.


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