China’s Dilemma ….

18 Dec

Here’s an interesting one.

UN troops in Ivory Coast guard the “President” they recognize while Gbagbo, who claims to have won, orders them out.

Gbagbo has no legitimacy, having effectively staged a coup. If the UN leave, they are skulkingly and shamefully leaving the country’s army to massacre the President and the people the international community recognizes as rightful winners of the election.

If they DON’T leave will Gbagbo end up killing UN troops? And what then?

FOR ONCE, Africa is supporting a rightful winner. Gbagbo HAS to be removed or the message to African dictators is clear – you can get away with it as usual.

But have the UN the balls to do what is right? Having the biggest dictatorship in the world as a permanent member isn’t going to help. China is about to be forced to decide – once again – whether it really deserves to belong to “the world community”. And it has plenty of Africans it needs on its side as it seeks to exploit Africa’s wealth. If it supports Gbagbo, Africa is not going to be impressed.

Whatever they do, their position is of course untenable. If they DO support UN force against Gbagbo, they are OPPOSING a regime that seized power by force and has not been legitimized by the people ….. where does THAT leave them?

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