18 Dec

Assange is silly, just like most hysterical anti-Americans. The Yanks do some bad things, who doesn’t? Their industrial-military complex is too powerful, their presidents pathetic, their past defence of  fascist right-wingers too influenced by the horrors of Stalin etc etc.

However, their enemies are Iran, North Korea, China, a variety of nasty stans in Central Asia, Cuba, Sudan and so on – all nasty dictatorships; that should tell the Yank-hating lemmings something, shouldn’t it? Unfortunately, we live in a world ruled and rapidly being destroyed by Homo Sapiens, so if you are expecting perfect governments, forget it.  We are sad to say in a case of “the lesser of many evils”.

Almost all the “revelations” teach us nothing we didn’t know or couldn’t guess, let alone what we NEED to know. They actually shows US diplomats in quite a favourable light. Any updates on that? No, I thought not, though it depends of course how you define “crime”. Assange’s definition (shared by the usual ranting suspects) seems to be “anything whatsoever the US says or does.” And the idea that revealing private communications is either moral or can do any good is laughable, UNLESS crime is revealed. The world is not in any way better by this immoral publication of private communications. Peace has not broken out anywhere, no nasty regimes or Presidents have fallen (as opposed to Iraq of course), no diseases have been cured, no prisoners of conscience have been freed by fascist scum.  On the other hand, fascist scum are revelling in America’s discomfort, the Assange ego has wildly inflated and thousands of Yankophobes are having a field day. Well done Assange. And I’ll be more convinced when we get leaks from the Axes of Evil mentioned above.

Sorry, all a load of rubbish. If Assange wants to be hero, let him go to fight in Afghanistan to liberate the people from religious fundamentalist fascist lunacy – like REAL MEN are doing.

Unfortunately, others have allowed their rabid anti-Americanism to delude them into thinking they are on some sort of moral crusade and to jump on this bandwaggon hurtling towards a steep cliff. All very silly.

The “rape” charges? Sweden is not noted for its fascism and bent police, so I suggest everyone calm down and wait for justice to take its course. Much less fun than endless anti-American conspiracy hysteria of course.


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2 responses to “Assange

  1. eric smith

    December 18, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    I think your point that just revealing lots of private communications (yes, they are government communications- but I also agree privacy is even needed there for effective function, TO AN EXTANT) is a poor mans way of countering government abuse at best. If nothing else it reveals how far we have fallen from effective and just government. As an American I STILL have no idea why the hell we are in Afghanistan (I at least understood Iraq- we were there to steal oil) but it hasn’t made me safer near as I can tell. There is one hell of an unstable situation in Mexico that far exceeds anything in our nation’s history and my son will be fondled and have nude pictures of him taken at an airport this weekend. I have no idea if and when I am being monitored. I am terribly underpayed (I at least HAVE a job, though it may end at anytime, its a temp thing). I diverge but my point is it ain’t exactly progress. I guess my overall point is that America’s descent into imperial tyranny has not and won’t work and our ability to reduce tyranny has been and will be degraded by our behavior NOT enhanced. Don’t you agree?

  2. Chris Snuggs

    December 18, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    Hi Eric – thanks for your comment. The problem is that the authorities are in a difficult position. There undoubtedly IS a threat, and if they are too lax with their checking procedures and a plane is blown up then people will be quick to criticize them. I can’t comment on whether the checks at airports are “too strict” as I haven’t experienced them myself. I only know that I wouldn’ like to have to make these decisions. By doing the checks they are only trying to prevent the blowing up in mid-air of an entire airliner.

    I spent a week in New Jersey 10 years ago and was extremely impressed by the USA; Wonderful, friendly people, great country. It is sad to see the problems you are going through.

    I can’t agree about imperial tyranny. As I said, all America’s enemies are dictatorships and/or very nasty. That must mean something. You are in Afghanistan because the people who destroyed the WTC were trained there. None of these problems is easy. For myself, I would just like to see more balance in people’s criticisms of the US.

    It is true that as seeon from afar your government seems a mess; money plays too large a part in it all. The power of money is slowly destroying the country – that is how I see it. The victims of the financial crisis are almost entirely innocent, while the culprits have mostly got off Scot-free. If this continues, I can see great social upheaval in the USA. And the rich-poor gap is disgraceful and increasing. But what can you DO? OBAMA has CONTINUED with the obscene tax cuts for the rich that BUSH brought in.

    Greed is destroying the USA, but it’s not only there; the same is true almost everywhere. It is hard not to despair. But the USA has a way of coming through crises, and let’s hope it will be the same this time.

    I hope you keep your job. frankly, you need like us to manufacture more INSIDE the USA and stop buying everything cheap from China. Globalisation has in my opinion gone too far. Your big companies make more PROFITS now but with fewer or no American workers, since so much manufacturing has been outsourced.

    I hope to hear from you again sometime.

    Good luck


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