North Korea

17 Dec

  • North Korea is basically a vast concentration camp of brainwashed slaves run by a paranoid, murdering senile and dying megalomaniac as Head of a seedy kleptomaniac family gang.
  • The “international community” has collectively allowed North Korea to acquire nuclear weapons and the ability to drop them on cities a considerable distance away and thereby exterminate millions of people at a stroke.
  • The great friend and supporter of this gruesome regime is China, whose military help enabled the country to fight to a ceasefire in the Korean War, after which the South became free, democratic and prosperous while the North went backwards in every conceivable way except in the acquisition of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
  • Since then China has responded to every act of barbarism and lunacy on the part of its protegee with calls for “restraint” from those suffering from this barbarous regime who in recent times have seen their citizens murdered in unprovoked attacks. China has for decades supplied this odious regime with oil and other goods, principally luxuries for the ruling clique.
  • Many of North Korea’s citizens periodically die from starvation and if attempting to flee to China are returned by that country to face a horrible fate at the hands of the regime.
  • China is our greatest trading partner and a permanent member of the Security Council; whose principal role is to further “World Peace”.

It is all so incredibly sad, especially for those generations of North Koreans who were born, lived and died under this regime without ever knowing any kind of freedom. It is also difficult to see any end to this suffering that does not involve catastrophe.

North Korea is the total antithesis of everything that is decent and good and admirable in the Human Spirit.

In the light of all the above it is difficult for me to find some rationale as to why the Human Race deserves to survive, so great is this collective failure of humanity and comonsense.

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Posted by on December 17, 2010 in Core Thought, Human Interest, Morality


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