16 Dec

My impression is that there is a clear majority in Britain in favour of exiting the EU. However, most of those who feel this way cannot vote UKIP at an election because that would take votes away from the Tories.

The FPTP system means that a UKIP vote (as indeed very often a Lib-Dem and certainly a Green vote) is almost always “wasted”. EVEN THOUGH UKIP apparently cost the Tories up to 10 seats at the last election, the voting system is against them.

This is why it is CRUCIAL to have Proportional Prepresentation. ONLY THEN can the true feelings of people be translated into party choice.

THIS is one of the main reasons why the Lib-Dems went INTO the Coalition and why they must be supported, otherwise PR is dead and we’re back to dinosaurial politics again.

PS I am not in principle in favour of exiting a differently-run EU, but continuing with the present bunch of shysters and charlatans running it is not an option.

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Posted by on December 16, 2010 in European Union


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