Get out of the EU

16 Dec

BEST BLOG COMMENT OF THE DAY, from “ZEDMAN” on a “The Telegraph” blog.

  • Britain free from the EU will regain our freedom and democracy.
  • Our farmers will be allowed to grow what they want and not what the EU tells them.
  • That means cheaper food prices plus we won’t have to pay the EU huge import duties on food imported from outside the EU.
  • We will regain control of our fishing grounds, ie. cheaper fish and less waste, since we don’t have the EU to tell us what to keep and what to throw back!!
  • Our businesses will be free from all the ridiculous rules and regulations which are suffocating manufacturing and contributing to higher unemployment.
  • We will also regain control of our armed forces and legal system, which are gradually being eroded.
  • We will also have control over immigration and not have the eurocrats telling us we must take everyone including criminals.
  • Why do you really think our energy prices are going through the roof? It couldn’t have anything to do with the EU allowing foreigners to buy our utility companies who then overcharge us!!
  • Finally, do you really think we should be giving the EU £40 million a day of taxpayers money so the eurocrats can squander it like confetti after taking their cut?

Britain would be far far better outside the EU and its corrupt, undemocratic gravy train.


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