Options for Greece

15 Dec
BLOG COMMENT in “The Independent”

Solidarity to the Greek General Strike. Well done to those involved for trying to get the IMF off your backs!


And doing so will solve all their problems? There are only two solutions (you’ll correct me if I’m wrong):

A) knuckle down, cut out waste (goodbye half the civil service for a start) work like fury, do or make something that real customers want – apart from olives, pay your taxes and reduce the debt, getting help from wherever possible

B) have a full-scale revolution, set up a people’s government, nationalise the banks, take control of private industry and perforce of profiteers and racketeers, get out of the euro, tell your creditors to get stuffed and that anyone idiotic enough to lend you money in the first place deserves to lose the lot, confiscate all the money of the rich that you can get their hands on, blockade all the yachts and either sell them or dole them out to the new leaders (more likely) and THEN go to option A.

Unfortunately, option B involves DOUBLING the civil service, so it is difficult to go seamlessly from B to A.

Of course, could we turn the clock back then A) you’d never, ever have gone into the euro in the first place, like those idiotic, eurosceptic Brits (Ken Clarke, what have you got to say NOW?) and B) the EU scum elite would never have let you in anyway as you falsified your budget data – which everyone KNEW of course and C) you wouldn’t have gone on a ten-year spending and idling binge as if there were no tomorrow.

Still, turning the clock back hasn’t been invented yet, so, which option is it then?

Best of luck anyway. We’ll watch what happens because it could be us next.


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