MEPs Pay Themselves Even More

14 Dec

“The Telegraph” Comments blog is a rich source of extreme provocation, as witnessed today. In response to criticism of the MEPs’ expenses package and salary increase, someone wrote in reference to a woman MEP:

“…. a woman who is simply complying with a centrally issued expenses allocation increase. What do you want her to do, resign?!”

This was my response to THAT:

YES, WHY NOT – YOU JUST DON’T GET IT, DO YOU? If not RESIGN, then at least KICK UP A STINK – refuse to take the increase ….. THESE PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT BRITAIN’S INTERESTS. Do you think paying SIX% MORE to Brussels to fund lunatic projects is in our interests? Especially NOW? WE ARE BANKRUPT. Never mind the students, Have you SEEN what is happening to our armed forces?

It is too easy to shrug your shoulders and accept being part of “the system”. That is what Nazi footsoldiers did, and THAT was wrong, too. These people are overpaid, over-cossetted. This 3.7% rise when millions of Europeans are suffering is WRONG. IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT.

MEPs do not represent us. HOW MANY of their constituents asked them to set up this stupid “diplomatic service” led by Lady Ashton and costing SIX BILLION EUROS? As I understand it, there will be FORTY-SIX “diplomats” on Barbados. I only heard ONE Danish MEP saying this was a waste of money; the majority VOTED FOR IT. They ALSO voted for a SIX% increase in national contributions to the EU budget to pay for all this crap. SIX% INCREASE, when we face financial and economic meltdown?

NO WONDER EU workers are happy – the EU ELITE GETS OUR MONEY TO PAY PEOPLE OTT SO THEY WILL of course SUPPORT ALL THE IDIOT POLICIES, including the bloated salaries.

Did YOUR MEP ask YOU for YOUR opinion? I live in Germany and I can’t even find out WHO is supposed to be representing me. THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN OUR VIEWS; witness the Lisbon Treaty. Pressure was put on governments at all costs to AVOID referendums, because the EU ELITE KNOW what the result will be . When a stupid government DOES organise a referendum and the people (remember them??) vote the “wrong” way they have to DO IT AGAIN as Ireland did. Don’t you see the TOTAL CONTEMPT these people have for the people who PAY them?

It is JUST LIKE FIFA. The FIFA elite are corrupt, overpaid, self-righteous tossers because NOTHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT. The national FAs elect these people and they are in many countries ALMOST AS BAD and of course BENEFIT from the largesse of the venal elite.

Greed is destroying the world. It can be stopped with better checks and balances (more people power above all), but those who BENEFIT from the system are hardly going to give it up without a fight.

Kinnock made me laugh. He failed in Britain, swanned off to Brussels to become a millionaire and then when the party that bankrupted Britain elected a union hack as its leader said: “We have regained our party.” What party is than then, Neil? the one of the Welsh Valleys or the one of you and Blair making millions out of a corrupt system? Blair? Just earned £27 million for his consultancy firm advising Kuweit on how to govern itself. Clever stuff, after helping to bankrupt Britain. If he advised Cameron on how to govern Britain  do you think he’d charge us £27 million for it? Brown went to India and earned nearly £60,000 for lecturing Indians for an hour on how to avoid the next economic crisis. One wonders if the Indians even know about his own contribution to creating the CURRENT crisis.

It would be hilarious if it weren’t so gut-wrenchingly sickening.

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