Letter to the PM

14 Dec

14 December 2010

Dear Prime Minister

Several things preoccupy me greatly:

A) Ken Clarke: I cannot understand why he is in the government. As has been pointed out by others, he has been wrong on almost everything in the past, including most famously the euro. Now on Justice he is hopelessly out of touch not only with the public (so much is obvious from following the media) but also with the majority in your own party. What is going on?

B) ISLAM 1: What are we doing pussy-footing around this issue, “humouring” extreme views (because we are so PC) and tolerating extremism. It took YEARS to deal with Abu-Hamza for example. What IS all this nonsense about banning certain British practices and other things because they might “offend” Muslims? Have we gone MAD?

C) ISLAM 2: I note that the HOC has demanded that NO HALAL MEAT be delivered to the HOC unless expressly ordered. When can we expect to see this SAME requirement for ALL meat delivered to ALL organisations in Britain? I am not alone in finding this practice disgusting and if anything is “unBritish”, this is it. Nevertheless, HALAL meat is apparently served clandestinely to millions of people all over Britain. THIS IS COMPLETELY WRONG.

D) The EU: What is this insanity going on in Brussels and more to the point, WHY are we accepting it?

  • Blair giving up our £4 billion rebate at a stroke. Annul his signature. Don’t pay it.
  • Labour committing us to help save the euro when they had just lost the election. Give loans to Ireland, but NOT as part of the Euromafia’s demands.   Don’t honour this idiotic Labour commitment.
  • The EU (us) financing a fatuous “President”. What does he DO all day? Who NEEDS him? The EU is NOT A STATE ruled from Brussels, even if some Belgians would like it to be. Did the British government VOTE for this nonsense?
  • MEPs demanding a 6% increase in the budget to pay for the surreally-expensive and ludicrous, self-aggrandizing new Diplomatic Service. (46 diplomats on Barbados? Oh please !!!!!!)
  • MEPs awarding themselves a backdated payrise of 3.7% at a time of enormous economic hardship AND getting a new perks deal to give them £91,000 per annum WITHOUT having to produce ANY receipts whatsoever. This is on top of their £80,000 salary and other perks; free schooling, transport etc etc. Can you explain WHY they are paid more than you? Why is Lady Ashton paid TWICE what you are paid? Is it to compensate for the extreme discomfort of living in Brussels among Belgians? It is INSANITY and the UK HAS to deal with this or get out.
  • Why is Mr Mandelson being paid £62,000 per year for doing NOTHING? This is the difference between what he earned as a Commissioner and what he “earns” in the Lords in the UK, even though he RESIGNED from his Brussels job. He is apparently being paid this difference by the EU (= us) for FOUR YEARS, a practice that cannot possibly be described – in the normal world inhabited by the voters – other than as “legalized and institutionalised theft”.

I am deeply depressed about the EU. I am NOT a “eurosceptic”, but this undemocratic unaccountability, venality and lies have gone too far. Lies? The EU elite CLEARLY connived in the lie of the fantasyland Greek budget statistics at the time the euro was launched. Why did they lie? Not rocket science – the larger the number of countries in the euro the more “important” it would be and of course the more isolated the UK would seem. Whether at that stage they knew Greece had to fail (thus leading to further fiscal integration = higher taxes à la France) is unprovable, but their own economists TOLD them this would be the eventual outcome, so we draw our own conclusions.

I don’t WANT to vote UKIP (I believe in European cooperation and a full European “Common Market” but with individual countries retaining full sovereignty), but I’m beginning to see NO ALTERNATIVE. Nobody seems to stick up for the PEOPLE. What do you think the proportion of those who PAY MEPs salaries is who ASKED their MEP to vote for this silly “diplomatic service” costing SIX BILLION EUROS? Did MEPs ask ANYONE? Did they ask YOU? Did you or the previous so-called government sanction this ridiculous project (or did we as usual have no choice), designed ONLY to increase the budget and “importance” of the EU elite? Are Conservative MEPs in ANY way beholden to your party? I am confused.

My general feeling is that the people are more and more held in contempt, as exemplified by the euro for a start. If I understand correctly, it is ILLEGAL under the statutes of the Lisbon Treaty (which the British public has NOT been able to vote on) to bail out bankrupt countries. Despite this, THIS is what the EU has done, Mr van Rompuy being charged to “find out a way to do it legally”. They should all be LOCKED UP Prime Minister for misuse of public money.

And the referendum issue is a JOKE. The EU put great pressure on member governments NOT to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty because they KNEW that most people would vote against it. When Ireland had the temerity to hold an election, they indeed voted against the LT, but of course the Irish had to have ANOTHER referendum until they “got it right”.

All this is NOT ACCEPTABLE and many people seem to feel that NO GOVERNMENT is doing anything about it. Does the HOC elite ALSO have contempt for the people?

Yours Sincerely


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